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What is the effect of eating pomegranate fruits daily? - Care Beauty

What is the effect of eating pomegranate fruits daily?


Russian nutritionist Elena Solomatina revealed the beneficial properties of pomegranate fruit, and said: “Pomegranate strengthens the immune system, and has very great anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects, and may prevent even the early development of dementia.”

Solomatina explained, “Pomegranate contains a large amount of antioxidants and acids, which have a very clear property that helps reduce inflammation.”

She added: “Pomegranate prevents the destruction of the cells of the vascular system, and helps improve the condition of the heart and helps to avoid dangerous diseases such as: heart attacks and stroke, and also helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.”

Solomatina said: “There have been many studies on diseases related to degenerative changes in blood vessels (widening of blood vessels), especially the brain and Alzheimer’s disease, and this means that pomegranate can prevent the early development of dementia. It also has an anti-tumor effect, especially. Associated with breast cancer. “

According to a nutritionist, Solomatina, “Eat a pomegranate fruit daily in appropriate quantities (30 grams) of pomegranate juice or a quarter of a pomegranate fruit. This will enhance immunity and body activity, strengthen the heart muscle and blood vessels and prevent early dementia.”

As Solomatina explained, misuse of fruits and excessive consumption of fruits may cause the body to have an adverse reaction and cause unpleasant problems in the digestive system.

Solomatina said, “Organic acids can irritate the digestive system and cause a worsening of the condition if a person is already suffering from certain problems. Pomegranate can also negatively affect tooth enamel. It is better to dilute the juice with water or drink through a straw, and make sure to rinse the mouth afterwards.” Drink juice. “