Smoothie to Lose Belly Fat

The accumulated fat that is concentrated in the abdomen area is considered the sworn enemy of any woman who wants to have a slim body. The problem of belly fat is that it needs an effective plan to eliminate it that depends on the long breath, and the first steps that must be known to get rid of the protrusion of the abdomen is the idea of ​​persevering with the following tips that help you defeat fat abdomen.


Smoothie to Lose Belly Fat It has an easy and effective recipe and a delicious drink, you can even drink 5 cups a day.




the components


4 kiwi


clove powder 1/4 tsp.





2 apples.


1 pear.


1 mint (handful)


2 lemon juice. (Two whole lemons squeeze the juice and add it to the ingredients)


5 cups of water.




Mix all the ingredients together and mix them all in the blender, drink one cup daily before breakfast and lunch and before dinner drink one cup before bed. You can drink the rest on the second day .. Drink it for one month and see how much weight you lost, keep drinking until you reach your goal, and then reduce the amount of drinking to one cup before breakfast.

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