Does rosehip tea burn fat?

When it comes to weight loss and fat burning, we come across dozens of different types of tea; such as sage, green tea, white tea… The common feature of these teas is that they contribute positively to weight loss when consumed with a correct nutrition program. It is a fact that no tea is a miracle on its own. There must be a healthy eating routine and regular exercise program; tea can only be supportive. Previously, we talked about the effects of teas such as green tea and white tea on weight loss. Today, we will talk about one of the more “familiar” teas; rosehip tea. According to studies, rosehip tea has positive effects on fat burning. Before going into the details of the question of how rosehip tea makes you lose weight, let’s briefly talk about the benefits of rosehip tea.


What are the benefits of rosehip tea?


Rosehip tea is one of the most beautiful colors of our lives with its aroma and benefits. It is known to prevent inflammation in the body. It lowers bad cholesterol and also has analgesic properties. Rosehip tea is known to strengthen immunity and provides the body to gain resistance against diseases. Rosehip tea, which is known to be good for stomach disorders, is known to regenerate cells. Rosehip tea beautifies not only inside but also outside; It has positive effects on skin health. It moisturizes the skin and can remove blemishes. In addition, rosehip tea is thought to be good for skin problems such as eczema.

Does rosehip tea burn fat?


Of course, no tea, including rosehip, has a direct fat burning feature. It is the biggest injustice that we will do to our body, especially to use slimming teas, which are widely available in the market. Tea, called slimming tea, is promised to burn fat, but fat burning occurs only with regular nutrition and sports. Some natural teas have positive effects on fat burning, but it is not possible to say that they burn fat directly. Rosehip is one of the teas that accompanies regular nutrition and exercise. It can have positive effects on fat burning when consumed regularly. In addition to your diet program, drinking 1 cup of rosehip tea a day is thought to increase metabolism, which supports weight loss.

Does rosehip tea weaken?


According to studies, drinking rosehip tea has positive effects on weight loss. In particular, it accelerates the metabolism and directly affects the weight loss process. In addition to diet and exercise program, drinking rosehip tea not exceeding 1 cup a day can help you lose weight. Rosehip tea has an edema-suppressing effect, so it is very important to consume regular and correct amount of water on the days you drink the tea. Rosehip tea is thought to accelerate the burning of regional fats, so there may be a serious thinning. Since it is a tea that strengthens immunity, it prevents your immunity from falling during the diet.


How to prepare rosehip tea?


There are also ready-made rosehip teas in the market, but if you want to make it at home, the recipe is quite simple. Brew rose hips just like regular tea. If you wish, you can add a small stick of cinnamon and sweeten it. In addition to cinnamon, you can also add honey to get its sourness.



Important Note: Although rosehip tea is one of the natural teas, it may not be suitable for everyone. If you have a chronic illness, it would be useful to consult your doctor before adding rosehip tea to your diet.


The harms of rosehip tea


After talking about the benefits of rosehip tea, let’s briefly talk about the possible harms. Rosehip tea is a good edema remover, but when consumed in excess, it can cause some health problems. Let’s list a few of them below.


• Consuming more than one cup of rosehip tea may lead to the formation of kidney stones.

• Diarrhea or vomiting may occur as a result of excessive consumption.

• Rosehip tea can harm the stomach, especially it can cause heartburn as well as stomach cramps.

• It may be harmful for breastfeeding mothers and those who are pregnant to consume rosehip tea, so they should definitely consult a doctor.


Finally, let’s answer the question of how much rosehip tea should be drunk per day. Rosehip tea can be consumed 1 cup per day unless your doctor recommends otherwise. When 2 cups are drunk, the above-mentioned health problems may occur. For this reason, you should be careful while consuming rosehip tea and you should definitely consult your doctor for the appropriate amount.




Smoothie to Lose Belly Fat

The accumulated fat that is concentrated in the abdomen area is considered the sworn enemy of any woman who wants to have a slim body. The problem of belly fat is that it needs an effective plan to eliminate it that depends on the long breath, and the first steps that must be known to get rid of the protrusion of the abdomen is the idea of ​​persevering with the following tips that help you defeat fat abdomen.


Smoothie to Lose Belly Fat It has an easy and effective recipe and a delicious drink, you can even drink 5 cups a day.




the components


4 kiwi


clove powder 1/4 tsp.





2 apples.


1 pear.


1 mint (handful)


2 lemon juice. (Two whole lemons squeeze the juice and add it to the ingredients)


5 cups of water.




Mix all the ingredients together and mix them all in the blender, drink one cup daily before breakfast and lunch and before dinner drink one cup before bed. You can drink the rest on the second day .. Drink it for one month and see how much weight you lost, keep drinking until you reach your goal, and then reduce the amount of drinking to one cup before breakfast.

Nutrients that help burn fat and lose weight

Dr. Alexandra Razrinova, a Russian nutritionist, announced that natural substances that speed up the metabolism and help burn fat (thermogenes) are many in nature.


She says, “These substances raise body temperature, speed up the metabolism, have an effect on burning fat, and activate the central nervous system. These substances are present in many foodstuffs.”




And she adds: hot peppers contain capsaicin, black pepper contains piperine, and citrus peel contains synephrine, and caffeine and epigallocatechin are also attributed to thermogenics. And green tea contains its blend. Ginger, cinnamon, cumin, mustard, garlic, dill (fennel), parsley, basil, rosemary, honey and flaxseed are among the thermogenics.


The expert recommends that people who suffer from problems in the digestive system take these substances with caution, because their intensity affects and irritates the mucous membrane of the stomach.


And she says: “Since we know the effect of heat-generating substances, we should use them in moderation, especially if the person intends to go out of the house in cold weather. Because they activate the sweating process. As for people who suffer from inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, they can drink a drink of ginger, honey and lemon, Which helps to increase sweating and thus speed up the high body temperature drop.


According to them, all whole substances have a thermogenic effect, because some energy is released during digestion and thermoregulation is maintained. So we can attribute to thermogenics: fish, meat, eggs, whole grains, nuts, some vegetables and fruits.