Turkish coffee with milk, learn about its calories and ways to prepare it


Turkish coffee is one of the most famous and most popular varieties of coffee characterized by its delicious and rich taste at the same time, and a lot of people prefer to mix it with milk for more taste and flavor, so we will give you in thin kitchen several different recipes to prepare Turkish coffee with milk in easy and fast steps and

Turkish coffee with powdered milk

This recipe is enough for four people.


Two cups of cold water

Four tablespoons of finely ground Turkish coffee

Four tablespoons of powdered milk powder

Two cups of cold water

Two small tablespoons of white sugar or to taste

Method of preparation:

In a coffee kettle mix water with powdered milk, until the milk is completely dissolved.

Put the coffee kettle on the fire, wait for the water and milk mixture to heat and continue stirring until it becomes a homogeneous mixture.

Take care that the mixture does not overflow during boiling.

Add Turkish coffee and continue stirring over low heat for 30 seconds.

Remove the coffee from the heat and add the sugar, stirring constantly.

Put the coffee on low heat again, let it boil for two minutes.

Remove the coffee from the heat, pour it into serving cups and serve hot with chocolate, cake or biscuits.

Turkish coffee with milk Boni

This recipe is enough for two people.


Half a spoonful of Turkish coffee

A teaspoon of sugar

2 cups of steamed milk Bonnie

A small cup of water

Method of preparation:

In the flavor coffee mix all of the milk, sugar and water, stirring well until the mixture is heated.

Add the Bonny milk and let it over low heat or in the electric coffee cake until it boils.

Empty the mixture into a serving Cup.

Turkish coffee with condensed milk


Two teaspoons of Turkish coffee coffee

One and a half teaspoons of sugar

One can of condensed milk

Cold water quantity as needed

Method of preparation

Mix both coffee, sugar and condensed milk in the coffee kettle over low heat, stirring well.

In a rack over low heat, add coffee and sugar with condensed milk, stir well.

When the characteristic face layer of Turkish coffee is formed, stop stirring, and let it over the fire to begin to overheat a little.

Pour coffee immediately into serving cups.

Serve delicious Turkish coffee with appropriate hospitality.

Turkish coffee with Nido milk


Two teaspoons of Turkish coffee coffee

A glass of cold water

Two tablespoons of El Nido milk

A teaspoon of sugar

Method of preparation

Heat the water with the powder Nido milk over medium heat, stirring.

When the milk is completely dissolved and begins to boil, raise the mixture on the fire.

Add sugar and Turkish coffee to the mixture and stir well.

Serve the coffee hot in serving cups.

Turkish coffee with liquid milk


A glass of liquid milk

A teaspoon of Turkish coffee coffee

Sugar to taste

Method of preparation:

In the kettle on the fire, heat the liquid milk to a boil.

Add the Turkish coffee and sugar, and let the mixture on the fire, stirring occasionally.

When the foam rises up, remove with a spoon and place in a serving Cup.

Let the coffee on the fire boil and pour over the foam that you put in the cup.

Serve coffee with a favorite sweetener such as chocolate or biscuits.

Turkish coffee with milk Barnier


A cup and a quarter of cold milk

Two and a half tablespoons of ground Barnier coffee

Five teaspoons of sugar

Method of preparation:

In a pan over the fire Mix Milk, Coffee and sugar.

Stir the ingredients until completely dissolved on fire.

Keep turning the coffee on the fire for five minutes.

Boy hot coffee in a serving Cup and well-being.

How Turkish coffee works with milk and Nescafe


Two teaspoons of Turkish coffee

Low fat liquid milk packaging

A teaspoon of cocoa

Half a teaspoon of instant Nescafe coffee

Three teaspoons of sugar

Quarter teaspoon vanilla

Half a glass of water

Method of preparation:

Add milk and water in the coffee kettle, put on medium heat and wait until boiling.

Add Turkish coffee, Nescafe, cocoa, sugar and vanilla to the mixture and stir well until the ingredients are completely mixed.

Pour a quarter of the amount into the coffee cup, stir until the foam appears and add the rest of the amount and serve.

Turkish coffee with cold milk


Half a glass of milk

Half a glass of cream

A tablespoon of sugar

6 grains of cardamom (to taste)

A cup of liquid and cold Turkish coffee

Method of preparation

Mix the milk with the cream, sugar and granola in a small bowl over the fire.

Stir the ingredients and bring to a boil over the fire.

Strain the mixture, add coffee and stir well.

Serve coffee cold with or without ice cubes.

Turkish coffee with milk how many calories

Turkish coffee with milk has a high nutritional value and a lot of benefits for the health of the body, as it gives it recovery and vitality thanks to its high content of caffeine so helps protect against many diseases, and also provides the body with useful compounds and anti-oxidative stress and mineral salts.

The following will provide nutritional value and calorie content of Turkish coffee with milk, knowing that those values are approximate, the leakage can increase due to the addition of sugar, so the nutritional value of a cup of Turkish coffee with milk weight 238 beauty:

Calories 33 kcal

Fat 1.2 g

Cholesterol 4.9 milligrams

Sodium 35 milligrams

Carbohydrates 3 g

Protein 2.3 g

Calcium 82 milligrams

Potassium 186 milligrams

Caffeine 71.2 milligrams

May we have presented you Turkish coffee with milk recipes and flavors, share with us your favorite way in the comments.

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