How to make a Nescafe cake and step-by-step


The cake is one of the most beautiful foods that everyone loves to eat, as it is considered delicious and light food, and it can be eaten by all people at any time and anywhere, whether with some tea or milk or between meals, and recently the flavors that can be prepared with a cake have increased, so it can be prepared with chocolate Or with orange or preparing the way to make a Nescafe cake.

How to make Nescafe cake


Only a quarter cup of sugar.

2 cups of flour.

Only a quarter cup of vegetable oil.

4 medium eggs.

A cup of milk.

A tablespoon of baking powder.

Half a teaspoon of baking soda.

Pinch of salt.

A small spoon of vanilla.

Nescafe sauce ingredients

Half a cup of sugar.

2 cups of water.

4 tablespoons of nescafe.

Whipped cream ingredients

A small spoon of vanilla.

A cup full of fresh heavy whipping cream.

Half a cup of soft sugar.

Croakant ingredients

A quarter cup of fine sugar.

Half a cup of crushed almonds.

A tablespoon of sesame.

Preparing the way to make the Nescafe cake

The flour is sifted first in a suitable size bowl, then baking powder and baking soda are added to the flour, then salt is added to them.

After that, the vegetable oil, eggs, vanilla and sugar are placed in an electric mixer, and they are mixed well for a period of at least 5 minutes and preferably not more than 7 minutes. It is also preferable that the speed of the mixer is not high and not low, preferably with a medium speed.

After the completion of mixing these ingredients together, we add the milk to the electric mixer with the flour and what has been mixed with it, and the mixer is run until complete homogeneity between all the ingredients, and the homogeneity is usually done after only about 5 minutes.

It is preferable that the oven is preheated before starting to make the cake at a temperature of no less than one hundred and eighty degrees.

After mixing the ingredients together, a medium-sized tray is prepared greased with oil and flour, then the cake mixture is placed in it, then placed in the hot oven and the temperature is set at one hundred and eighty degrees for a period of not less than thirty-five minutes and it is preferable to follow it during this period until complete The cake is cooked.

During this period, the nescafe sauce is prepared, and the ingredients for the nescafe sauce are mixed together.

After making sure that the cake is completely done and removing it from the oven, some holes are made in this cake using a wooden toothpick, and then the nescafe sauce is poured over the cake as soon as it comes out of the oven so that you drink it through the holes that have been made, and then it is preferable to leave it in the refrigerator for a period of no time. Less than an hour to cool down.

After completing the preparation of the cake and placing it in the refrigerator, we go to prepare the whipping cream, so we must put the cream and vanilla in addition to the sugar in the mixer and the mixer should be running for a period of not less than ten minutes, and the speed of the mixer must be high.

When you notice that the heavy cream has turned into a fluffy cream and its consistency is appropriate, put it in a bowl to leave it in the refrigerator until it is used in order to retain its shape and crispness.

After making sure that the cake has been cooled, ready to serve, it is decorated with cream from the top and the sides of the cake.

After decorating it with cream, croquan is prepared, and sugar is placed with sesame and almonds in a bowl and placed on a medium heat, and when the sugar melts and turns brown, this mixture is placed on butter paper in order to stick to it.

After that, the croquan should be broken into small pieces and placed on the cream and cake.