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A coffee mask keeps peeling cream away


Facial skin needs a weekly peeling to remove dead cells from it and the accumulation of sebum secretions and to regain its freshness after the daily makeup preparations exhausted it … What is the best way to peel it away from chemical peeling creams that may cause damage to the skin, especially for sensitive skin?

Here, dear, is how to prepare a mask to peel the skin from the coffee grounds, that is, the residues that settle in the coffee pot after boiling.

After the day, do not throw the remnants of the coffee deposited on the rak, but use it to spread a spoonful of it onto your skin and massage gently for 3 minutes, then leave the mixture on your skin for an additional two minutes, then rinse the face with lukewarm water and you will feel that your skin has become smoother and fresh as you will get rid Of dead cells stuck to it.

If your skin is dry, you can add cucumber juice to the ingredients or a spoonful of yogurt to give it the necessary moisture.

Moisturizing the skin after peeling

After applying the mask, we recommend that you moisturize your skin with rose water or a little coconut oil, which nourishes it and prevents skin drying.

We remind you that the coffee mask works to deeply clean the pores and stimulates blood circulation in the skin and works to smooth it due to its richness in antioxidants, as well as activates collagen, while it is suitable for different types of skin, especially oily ones.

After all these amazing benefits of a coffee mask, what do you think about trying it to enjoy a flawless, radiant complexion?

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