Hair care before bed

Hair care before going to bed is a daily routine for most women, including cleaning it To moisturize it with a night cream and another for the eye area, but what about the hair?




Here are 5 tips from hair care experts to follow before going to bed


You wake up with beautiful hair, saving you a lot of time in the morning.




1. Apply a night hair mask



It is a mask that remains on your hair throughout the night to repair damage caused to the hair during the day.


Choose formulas rich in damage-repairing amino acids with a light formula, and comb the entire hair from the scalp to the ends so that the mask penetrates.






2.Do not grow with wet hair tied back



It is okay to sleep with wet hair, but without tying it back using a ponytail to prevent damage.




3. Choose a pillow with a silk cover




To avoid hair coming into contact with a harsh material of cloth, so that it does not break.




4. Do not over-comb the hair



Hair care experts confirm that the traditional theory that calls for brushing hair 100 times a day is wrong.


It is recommended to comb it only twice a day to prevent hair loss.


Stay away from metal and plastic combs, try the Bristle Paddle Brush from Mason Pearson.




5. Braid your hair before bed



The next morning, braids give you elegant, attractive wavy locks, leaving you more time for other tasks.

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