These are useful foods for those looking to gain a flat belly


German  magazine  nutrition  experts  provided a recipe for  healthy lunch  ingredients that  can help you get a flat stomach, even  without exercising.

And the German  magazine  reported that  it is  about a  diet  that provides a small  amount of  calories, or in  other  words  eating fewer  calories than the  rate  that is burned.

  1. Main ingredient:

Protein- rich  foods are an  essential  component of a  weight loss lunch; Where the  importance of the  high  content of protein  is not  only to  build muscle,  but  also  to speed up the metabolism and  promote  fat burning, and works to  regulate blood sugar  levels and  protect the immune system, and  foods  rich in protein are  chicken breast and salmon 

fiber to  feel full:

In addition to protein  foods  rich in water-soluble fiber  such as beans, lentils, kale and broccoli, and the salad dish  provides the  body with  important minerals, water and antioxidant elements.


At the  end of lunch,  you can  enjoy a  sweet dish of unsweetened, fat-free ice cream with strawberries.