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Natural ways to get rid of dark circles - Care Beauty

Natural ways to get rid of dark circles


There  is no doubt  that you have heard of turmeric or “Indian saffron” and its many  benefits on  health and  skin beauty.

If  you are  one of the  women who  suffer from  dark circles  around the eyes, and are  tired of  always hiding them with a concealer cream,  you can  resort to this  quick trick that  only  requires 10  minutes and  some  natural  products  from your kitchen!

the ingredients:

pinch of turmeric powder

Half a teaspoon of lemon juice

pinch of  ground chickpea powder

A teaspoon of syrup or tomato juice

How to prepare:

First  mix turmeric  well with lemon juice.

After  making sure that  it is  well mixed,  add the tomato juice to the  mixture, stirring it, then sprinkle  the required  amount of  ground chickpea powder over it.

Apply the  mixture  under the eyes on  dark circles, and  you can  apply it above the eyelids as  well, taking care that  none of the  mixture  gets  inside your eyes.

Leave it for 10  minutes  only, then  remove it with lukewarm water, and  you will be  surprised  by the  noticeable  result after  just one use.

Repeat this  mixture  twice a week,  and you will  notice that the  dark circles will  gradually disappear!

You can use this  mixture to whiten the  entire face  by doubling the ingredients,  provided that the  period of leaving the  mask does  not exceed 15  minutes.