What to know about skin paleness


Paleness of the face is  an aesthetic  problem that  worries many women; Where it robs the face of its radiance and vitality. What are its  causes  and how can  it be faced?

To  answer  these questions, French  magazine  explained that the pallor of the face has  several  causes,  such as  lack of sleep,  lack of movement,  unhealthy  nutrition and anemia.

The  magazine  concerned with  health and  beauty that  it is  possible to  fight the pallor of the face  through exfoliation; As  it works to  remove  dead  skin scales and  gives the  skin a rosy  look that radiates  youth and vitality.

And   added that care  products containing  active  substances that moisturize the  skin and make it  enjoy freshness and vitality,  such as  vitamin E and hyaluronic acid,  should  also be used.

In addition to  proper  skin care, a  healthy  lifestyle  based on  healthy  nutrition,  especially  foods  rich in  vitamin C and omega- 3 fatty acids,  should  also be followed,  while  drinking  sufficient fluids at a  rate of  at least  two liters  throughout the day,  in addition to taking  enough sleep at  night at a  rate  8 hours; Adequate sleep restores and regenerates  skin cells. 

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