Greasy hair Various causes and solutions available


French magazine  reported that oily hair is  due to the  increase in oily secretions  in the hair, explaining that the  reasons for this  increase are as follows:

Excessive and  improper styling: Many styling  products can  become lodged  in the hair and scalp. This “build-up”  process  can be manifested  by styling residue in coarse hair and  can be supported  by hair care  products, which  contain silicones. So,  regularly use a deep  cleansing shampoo to  remove residue from the hair. Excess  heat  when washing and styling makes hair  look frizzy; So  it is  better  to wash the hair with lukewarm water and dry it at a low temperature.

Hormonal changes:

In  most cases, the  cause of an oily scalp is  due to  excessive sebum  production. This  can also be the  result of hormonal changes –  for example  during puberty,  pregnancy or menopause.

Genetic factors: 

Some  people  naturally produce  more  fat than others, and  this is  completely normal.

Hair structure:  fine hair suffers from sebum  production faster; Because the scalp sebum  is distributed over a smaller surface.

And  indicated that the oily month  can be  faced  by following  the following measures:

Healthy diet: 

junk  food  and the like stimulate the  production of sebum, which  can be  seen  directly  on the greasy hairline. Therefore, a  healthy and balanced  diet  should be followed.

Dry shampoo: 

Dry shampoo  is not a long- term  solution to oily hair,  but as an emergency  solution  it can  help  hide the greasy  appearance and  give hair new freshness.

Rest from shampoo: 

To  regulate the  process of sebum secretion, shampoo  should  not be used for  about  five days.

Do  not  touch your hair:  fingers  should  not run  through the hair too much; This leaves grease and  dirt  on the hair.