The beauty of the skin with nature’s recipes

Skin care is the basis for Eve to look beautiful, radiant, attractive because the face, for example, whatever it is.

Beautiful features will not show a harmonious, attractive beauty unless his skin is a net harm.

Eve will not be able to take care of her skin without knowing the nature of her skin, its characteristics and what is in it

From defects or impurities to be able to treat them

How do you recognize your skin type?

Eve can easily identify her skin type if she washes the face and neck well

I stood in front of the mirror in sufficient natural light and checked the eyes

Good in every part of her skin can’t be exposed to skin type by the following :

1 – natural skin :

It looks smooth, soft, elastic, slightly moist, because the water content in it is normal and as much as is required.

Its color indicates health and is called normal skin and is characterized by not very dry and not many

Oily secretions are often mostly free of defects and impurities and bright net

And this skin got lucky, but we have to maintain the beauty of her skin to right

Keep in mind not to be exposed to cold or excessive heat or sunlight and can use beauty masks

For normal skin at least twice a month

2-dry skin :

They are thin, sensitive, prone to early wrinkles, and sometimes look tight.

It divides dry skin into two types.

_ Dry skin lacking water :

They look tight, dry, soft to the touch, and may have small red stripes that appear clearly.

With white skin, sometimes wrinkled.

_ Dry skin deficient in fat :

The main cause of skin dryness is due to a defect in the

The proportion of water in the skin can be overcome drought by feeding to vitamin C

And dry skin owners are advised to refrain from spices and soft substances such as pickles with

Taking care of skin hygiene and using natural wet creams and masks for dry skin once

Every week the best care for dry skin lies in the use of light oils and moisturizers

And preparations made from natural plants and to maintain the alkaline balance of dry skin

We recommend wiping them with cucumber juice or vinegar diluted with water to encourage cells to work

And balance the proportions of fatty substances and water

3-oily or oily skin :

This skin looks shiny, open-pore, its cells are filled with fatty secretions, and it may be thick to the touch.

And it may spread some black dots, which are scaly, pimples and acne.

The first steps to care for oily skin begin with a diet in which to stay away from eating fatty substances

And to be replaced by fruits, vegetables and foods rich in vitamin B

To clean them, the face and neck should be washed with water and good soap three times a day and wipe the face

A cotton swab soaked in rose water.

Herbal mask for oily skin should be done at least once every two weeks

4 – mixed skin:

It is that skin that combines the qualities of oily and dry skin, so we find some areas of the face dry

Like the cheeks, while we find other fatty areas like the nose and chin, and this type needs careful special care.

And regular, where it takes to deal with the fatty areas around the nose, chin and forehead just as

Dealing with oily skin, as we deal with the facial area dry as if dealing with dry skin

5 – Sensitive Skin :

It’s a very soft skin, with blood vessels and hairs clearly visible, and it’s soft-cut skin.

It tends to redden and shows it clearly with the owners of white skin, especially during weather conditions

Volatile, emotional and nervous attitudes and owners of sensitive skin are advised to use oily herbs

Moisturize and stay away from activated herbs for skin secretions such as (linden blossom – and nettle –

Mint and thyme

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