Professional facial care


Successful skin care is for a woman to be aware of her skin type, as each skin type has the appropriate care methods , and to know the skin type it is necessary to stand in front of the mirror to determine your skin type based on the following specifications :

1 – Do you notice that your skin looks sticky and lubricated it?

2-Do you have a blackhead problem with your skin?

3-Do you sometimes experience inflammation accompanied by itching and sebaceous secretion, especially around the nose?

4. Do you have acne problem ?

5-Do you show crusts in your hair?

If such specifications indicate the presence of oily skin, which is characterized by increased excretion of fat is due to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands of the skin, consequently relating to deposits of fatty adhere to dust and dirt creating blackheads possible, and review it for my skin because of excess fat accompanied by itch, usually appear in the area surrounding the nose .

It is also known to increase fat skin is one of the factors causing infection of acne at puberty and adolescence, this increase was due to hormone that occurs body, often accompanies oily skin problem peel hair as a result of increased activity of the sebaceous glands the scalp .

This excess activity of the sebaceous glands is often due to formative reasons or may be related to the hormonal state of the body .

1-does your facial skin look rough and not shiny ?

2. Do you sometimes suffer from austerity or cracks in your skin?

3-Do you notice and feel the increased sensitivity of your skin to various powders or makeup?

Such a specification indicates a dry skin, that is, the sebaceous glands in it are poorly active in the secretion of skin-laxative fat .

This skin is exposed to austerity and cracks in severe droughts, and is clearly sensitive to the use of make-up powders, so do not rush to apply any cosmetic chemical before testing its suitability for the skin .

If you notice that your skin is oily in some areas and dry in others, you have dry, oily skin .

This means that your skin combines increased fat secretion in some areas – especially the nose and chin – with less fat secretion in other areas – especially the cheeks and forehead – .

There is another type of skin which is normal skin, which is characterized by moderation in the secretion of fat where the skin appears soft, does not have a rough texture, or oily look, and accordingly the normal skin is free of blackheads, wide pores, and rarely exposed to acne, and note that this type is not available to many, and therefore

Means for basic skin care :

1 – oily skin :

Oily skin usually needs :

First : frequent cleaning :

You need frequent cleaning to get rid of excess fat that is deposited with the pores of the skin and block them, because the dust and dirt related to them, which harms the look of the skin, and gives a chance to get germs that are attracted to these fat deposited, and thus increase the chance of getting boils and grains, and

Since the pores of the skin – especially if they are enlarged-are the places where excess fat is deposited, then it is useful to use an astringent for these pores ( Asringent ) so that this substance reduces the chance of accumulation of fat on the skin, the simplest form of these substances is lemon juice, and it should be used routinely from time to time

Second: do not eat contraband :

As for the quality of food, it has been found that some types help to increase the secretion of fat on the skin, so it should be reduced , and from these foods :

1-spicy ( pungent) cuisine .

2 – spices

3. spices

4 – very hot drinks .

Third: facial massage :

The massage or ( massage ) the skin is one of the ways care simple and important body, and oily skin in particular benefit from massage, as the massage or a massage works to rid the pores of fat and dust effects, i.e. it acts as a deep cleaning for the skin, plus it stimulates circulation, which improves skin tone and its freshness and vitality .

Fourth: steam bath for the face :

This is also a means of skin care especially fat, where it works to flatter the sediment contained with the pores of the skin, and thus helps to salvation, which effectively treat the problem of blackheads that are related to oily skin to infection .

2 – dry skin :

In almost the same condition as oily skin, we advise to reduce its exposure to soap because it makes it drier, it is enough to wash the face at most once or twice a day, taking care to choose a suitable soap to reduce the likelihood of dryness of the skin, the best types for this purpose are those containing olive oil or glycerol .

You should also avoid using hot water when washing your face because it also increases the chance of dehydration, so use cold or lukewarm water .

In severe cases of dehydration, soap is completely dispensed with, let the face be cleaned with special lotions, preferably milk or milk-containing lotions .

Dry skin needs masks on a regular basis to soften the skin and gain elasticity and vitality, at least once a week .

In cases of obvious dehydration, which sometimes causes inconveniences, this can simply be overcome by painting the face with a thin layer of olive oil or glycerin every evening or after bathing, and to overcome the smell of glycerin and to reduce its viscosity, a little rose water can be added to the glycerin .

Adequate daily water intake and prolonged exposure to dry, cold or hot air should also be observed .

3 – dry and oily skin :

This type of skin needs a combination of both oily skin and dry skin care methods. :

1. when cleaning, the focus is more on oily areas than on dry ones .

2-when using moisturizing creams, the focus is more on dry areas than on oily ones .

3-the holding material is used for fatty areas only .

4 – Normal Skin :

Take care of this skin by not over-exposing it to soap through excessive washing so as not to become dehydrated, it is enough to wash it once in the morning and again in the evening using a good soap or Cleansing Lotion .

Also, care must be taken to use any chemicals through industrial preparations so as not to damage this beautiful skin .

To protect this skin, the following steps are used :

First : nourish the skin :

For beautiful skin you must take care of your lunch, make a large portion of plant foods, fruits, fresh vegetables and cereals, besides eating meat and milk and its products, and reducing the intake of fat, especially if you suffer from the problem pills the face or oily skin .

Most of these fruits, vegetables, and grains are the main sources of vitamin D needed by the skin .

Including :

Vitamin ( a ) : this vitamin is available in ( apricots, spinach, carrots, leafy vegetables, cod liver oil ) .

Vitamin ( B2 ) : it is available in ( unshelled cereals, especially wheat, yeast, yogurt and its products, meat ) .

Vitamin B6 : available in ( bananas, unshelled grains, legumes, eggs, hazelnuts, yeast, most leafy vegetables, niacin).

Vitamin h: this vitamin is found in (unshelled cereals, hazelnuts, almonds, vegetable oil ) .

Niacin : this type is available in (unshelled grains, in liver, meat, yeast ) .

Pantothenic acid: this type of citrus is found in (liver, eggs, grains ) .

How to use skin care methods :

First : masks :

The mask is applied to all parts of the skin of the face except the thin area around the eyes and mouth, as some lotions may be very effective on them, unless the mask guidelines allow .

Also, consider cleaning the face prior to the mask, preferably skin warm until you have the channel, so would prefer a steam bath for the face before the mask .

For dry or sensitive skin, the mask should not last long, it is enough to remain on the face for about 10 minutes .

For oily skin, the duration can be at least 15-20 minutes, as before the mask is done, take care to wrap the hair back, isolate it from the face, and this is helped by wearing a headdress .

Two: facial massage :

Massage in this case is of great importance for a good and deep cleaning of the skin, which will rid it of cavernous deposits .

Massage in general – whether with oils or creams – brings many benefits to the skin, it activates blood circulation, which makes the skin take enough food and oxygen, and strengthens the facial muscles and removes stress and cramps .

To get the massage right, you need to use the fingertips while adhering to a small circular motion with light pressure on the skin and pushing the skin up .

The direction of the massage should be from the top of the neck to the top of the face so that it covers all parts of the face, focusing on areas where defects such as wrinkles appear, and when massaging the neck, the left hand should be placed above the right hand below the level of the chin so that the

And when massaging the cheeks it is always preferable to use the middle fingers while pushing the skin in successive movements in the direction from the bottom up .

Steam bath for the face :

Expose the face to boiling water vapor rising from the pot and wrap a towel around the head to increase the concentration of steam on the facial skin .