Golden tips for healthy skin


With these tips … Maintain the youthfulness of your skin in the winter

To preserve the freshness and vitality of your skin, especially in the winter season, beauty experts advise you to follow these important instructions, including:

Do not over-shower, as it is sufficient to shower once every two or three days, in order to avoid drying out of the skin

Also, you should reduce the temperature of the water during the shower, because hot water leads to dry skin, and use a rich moisturizer to preserve the natural moisture of the skin or a moisturizer rich in glycerin to saturate the skin with moisture.

Choose a gentle shower soap suitable for your skin, and avoid regular soaps because your skin loses its natural oils, and use a good conditioner after showering, and choose a good daily cream that contains a large proportion of zinc and is provided with SPF30 protection – to be a barrier against harmful factors.

You should moisturize your lips all the time, as chapped lips are the most common problem in winter.

And make sure to drink a cup of hot water daily, plus drops of lemon juice, to restore full vitality to your body, even the liver and gallbladder, and this method will make your body able to clean the blood periodically and quickly.

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