A complete file for treating and nourishing all skin types


The main skin types are:


(It is soft-touch skin, free of grains, fats and stains, clear, smooth and thin, and is the best type of skin, as it is balanced skin).

Oily or greasy:

(Shiny skin characterized by its wide pores that secrete a lot of fat, especially on the sides of the nose and on the chin where small pimples).


(They are rough and tight and are characterized by very narrow pores on which dry lines are formed and crusts appear on them, free of fat).


Dry and greasy simultaneously dry at the cheeks and oily at the forehead, chin, sides of the nose this type is most common).


(It has red veins, looks clear skin but quickly turns red and spots appear, and is very susceptible to external factors.)

Oily and mixed skin…

Oily skin suffers two things in the summer, during which the appearance of pimples in the face, chest and back; so we advise you if your skin is oily to wash the skin of the face three times a day with water, and with regard to the moisturizer we advise you to avoid it summer if your skin is all oily, but if it is fatty in secrete the skin without drying it.

& Normal skin &

In the heat, the skin becomes oily and suffers from the appearance of pimples, and to prevent this, we advise you to choose a gel cleanser and tonic means. It is advisable that the Day Cream be non-greasy and be equipped with a sun protection agent, and to maintain the freshness and radiance of the skin, it must be peeled at least once a week to get rid of dirt, impurities and dead cells in it with a scrub.

& Dry skin & ..

Increased moisture calms dry skin and dehydrates its sensitivity, so this is the best time to treat it with anti-wrinkle creams. Because dry body skin suffers from peeling, especially in the legs, elbows and feet, it is recommended to resort to special body exfoliators at least twice a week and rich creams to moisturize and soften the special areas

& Sensitive skin & ….

If your skin is sensitive, use anti-wrinkle lotions while avoiding using more than one exfoliating or dense lotion, you can choose a cream formula for the lotions you buy to clean sensitive skin, and to protect your body skin from peeling avoid soap and replace it with a moisturizing lotion.

For Sun prevention…

The sun’s rays pose a danger to the skin because they leave negative effects on it, causing the appearance of freckles in some, which are small brown spots, appear on the face, neck and hands, and freckles appear in the summer and disappear-often – In winter, one of the most important means of treatment is not sun exposure. Also, exposure to the sun is one of the most important factors stimulating the infection of melasma, which is dark or brown spots, and frequent exposure to the sun is one of the most important factors in the appearance of wrinkles or so-called premature skin aging and the destruction of collagen and elastin, where exposure to the sun limits the maintenance of the skin

Invisible rays are known as ultraviolet rays (UV), which are three types, i.e., B, and C (A, B, and C), C rays absorbed by the ozone layer surrounding the Earth and are the most dangerous types of ultraviolet rays, and many cases of skin tumors have appeared in some parts of the world as a result of this type of radiation penetrating the ozone layer PE rays affect the surface layer of the skin (epidermis), and this kind of rays do not penetrate the glass.

Any rays penetrate deep into the skin and do not have certain seasons in which they increase. The concentration of these rays increases in summer and in high places and increases as we get closer to the equator. The effects of these rays increase in the presence of wind and the water surfaces, sand and snow reflect these rays, even in the presence of clouds.

Does sunscreen protect against UV rays?

There is no doubt that most sun protection products work by absorbing or reflecting ultraviolet rays from human skin and thus preventing premature skin aging in addition to skin problems caused by the sun, but this does not mean that a person spends too much time in the sun.with the importance of using a condom, we have to choose one that suits our skin type. if your skin is normal, choose an oil-free sunscreen that moisturizes it at the same time and avoids using a moisturizer to avoid fatigue and weight.

As for whether

& Oily or mixed skin &

Use an oil-free lotion that protects against harmful sunlight without blocking pores. For dry skin, it is recommended to choose a complex Skin Moisturizer Rich in plant and Vitamin E benefits with a protective. For sensitive skin, you can choose protective lotions for sensitive skin.

Skin health experts confirm that a cold water bath for the face daily leads to the acquisition of the face natural luster and freshness; because it works to increase blood flow to the face area after exposure of the blood vessels nourishing the face (cold water shock), which stimulates the nervous system to work on sending nerve signals to blood vessels widening through a physiological

Here are the steps to use a cold water bath to increase blood circulation in the face:

1 – put about ten ice cubes in a bowl and let it melt in.

2-Apply a cap of cream or vegetable oil on the face to avoid contact with cold water directly with the skin of the face.

3-dip your head in the bowl (cold water) with the breath, for 20 seconds.

4 – after repeated dives to remove the head of cold water for about two to three times.. Use a soft towel to remove the face cover ( cream or oil ).

5-apply moisturizer in the form of a light cream on the face.

6-if your skin is oily, add a little mint to the cold water before dipping the face.

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