7 reasons to eat almonds daily in your diet

7 reasons to eat almonds daily in your diet








We often hear from nutritionists and weight loss specialists about the necessity of eating nuts carefully during a diet, but everyone agrees that almonds are essential and effective in a successful diet, and if you do not believe them, here are the 7 most important reasons why almonds are a main ingredient in your diet:


1- Almonds contain a large amount of magnesium, as it controls blood sugar, and keeping magnesium levels in the body balanced keeps the insulin level in the body constant, which reduces hunger. What you do not know is that magnesium controls 200 food metabolism enzymes (burning calories), and in addition, eating it helps. Helps your body relax, relieve stress, and improve your ability to sleep.


2- It contains a good percentage of potassium, which reduces your body’s ability to retain water, so eating almonds and the potassium they contain helps you get rid of the water retained in your body and the resulting excess weight. Also, potassium helps reduce joint pain when exercising, improves digestion, and reduces feelings of fatigue. Headache resulting from severe fever.


3- Almonds contain vitamin B, making them one of the favorite foods to improve mood, charge energy, and resist fatigue and stress.


4- The small size of almonds makes it suitable for putting a few in the pocket of your pants, jacket, or work bag to eat as a snack when you feel hungry, and sometimes adding them to a plate of green salad or fruit salad is all you need to feel full for the rest of the day and reduce the feeling of hunger.


5- Almonds are considered an important source of unsaturated fats, which will help you lose weight, especially from the abdominal area, and reduce your waist circumference when you eat them regularly. It is true that you can eat unsaturated fats from many other sources, such as avocado or olive oil, but almonds are the most beneficial and the least in calories.


6- One of the most important reasons that makes it preferred by all experts is its low calories. It is considered the lowest type of nut in terms of calories, not benefits. A quarter cup of almonds contains only 150 calories, and a quarter cup of almonds is the amount you need daily to get its benefits in your diet and health. .


7- A quarter cup of almonds contains 7 grams of healthy protein, which makes it an additional source of protein in your diet.


So never forget to add almonds to your daily diet for more health and fitness

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