Respiratory tract infection

Inflammation of the throat, pharynx, tonsils and larynx



Since the cause of these infections is mostly common and is due to a bacterial or viral cause, the treatment with herbs is the same, which is as follows: One of the best ways to get rid of this type of infection, especially at its beginning, is to squeeze half a medium-sized lemon, then add some salt to it so that it reduces From its severity, then we gargle the mouth and swallow the amount slowly and in batches. It is better not to eat food or drink for an hour, then the patient takes a cup of fenugreek infusion a quarter of an hour after gargling and repeat this twice daily. As for those who do not want to eat fenugreek, they can take it. The alternative is to infuse the chamomile plant and gargle with it, as it is beneficial, God willing.



Or use apple cider vinegar by adding a spoonful of the aforementioned vinegar to a cup of water and gargling with it. It is also beneficial to add a spoonful of white honey to the vinegar. Take an infusion of marigold flowers, soaking a tablespoon of these flowers in a cup of boiling water for a quarter of an hour, then filtering it. Drink it three times a day.





Acute and chronic inflammation of the lung ducts



This is a viral disease that leads to inflammation of the mucous lining of the main air ducts in the lungs. This inflammation often occurs after or during infection with influenza and pharyngitis. The only difference between infection and chronic disease is that the injury resulting from the infection goes away within days, while chronic disease continues and gets worse over time. Time causes blockage of the air ducts with mucus, which leads to inflammation and constriction in the chest continuously and audible by the patient and those around him.



Doctors believe that there is no effective treatment to eliminate this disease because the cause of this disease is viral. Usually, antibiotics taken in such a case do not affect the virus. However, many doctors resort to giving antibiotics, especially if this condition is accompanied by the presence of phlegm. They are able to treat the effects of infection with this virus, as viral ductal inflammation increases the susceptibility of the lungs to bacterial infection, and God has helped us to find a natural herbal mixture that treats this chronic disease.

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