What Happens to Your Hair if You Stop Using Shampoo?

Recently, many names in the world of celebrities explain that they stop using shampoo. Described as “No Shampoo”, this beauty approach does not mean giving up showering. Many people see this method as a way to make their hair look more beautiful and well-groomed. How to clean hair without using shampoo? According to this approach, washing the hair with natural cleaning products or just water helps to maintain the health of the scalp. We have done a detailed research on the subject for you. Here are the effects of stopping shampoo on your hair…


1. Your scalp may be healthier


Shampoos are very successful products in removing dirt and oil. But many experts say that for hair to be healthier, there must be some sebum in the scalp. Sebum moisturizes the hair, prevents the hair from breaking and supports healthy hair growth. When you use shampoo every day, the oil balance of the scalp is disturbed. This dries the skin and causes problems such as hair loss and irritation.


2. Your hair may look fuller


There are many products on the market that promise to make your hair look more voluminous. But not using shampoo can also make your hair look bulky. Using too many beauty products can damage your hair and skin. When it comes to hair care, using fewer products always helps you get better results. When you are exposed to the negative effects of harsh chemicals, you want to use more products. However, when you leave these products alone, you can see that your hair is healthier, fuller and stronger.


3. Your hair may look less oily


What is your most basic expectation from a shampoo? Cleansing your hair of course. But when you shampoo your hair too often, your scalp is damaged. In other words, the skin becomes stressed and produces more sebum to soothe itself. This causes your hair to be greased frequently.


4. You need less styling products


When the hair strands are completely degreased, a fluffy and messy image is formed in your hair. For this reason, many people use hair conditioners to soothe their hair. However, when you clean your hair naturally, your hair will always be damp. This will prevent the formation of the fluffy and diffused image and reduce your need for styling products.


5. You are less exposed to harsh chemicals


The shampoo you use all the time smells great. But almost all of the artificial ingredients that give that shampoo that pleasant smell can be harmful and irritating. While these chemicals can help you get instant results from the product, they can damage your hair and skin in the long run. For example, sulfate, which is found in many shampoos, can irritate your skin or dry your skin. If you do not want to use shampoo, you can turn to more natural methods such as homemade soaps and coconut oil. Or you can simply clean your hair with water.



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