Benefits of deep breathing

Benefits of deep breathing




Most people use less than a third of their lung capacity to breathe


Thus, he loses many of the benefits of deep breathing


Which is considered an obscure marvel to many people



Deep breathing has many benefits, the most important of which are:



1- It purifies the blood from protein toxins and blood acidity, and stimulates the heart


It pumps blood strongly and thus cleans the blood vessels of impurities.



2- It helps increase the number of white blood cells responsible for


Immunity in the body.



3- It reduces the possibility of cancer, as it renews the body’s cells


It expels dead cells by activating the lymphatic system fluid.



4- It burns fat stored in the body and thus reduces grease accumulation


And store it.



5- It has a role in stimulating memory and stimulates the secretion of endorphins


And serotanin, which calms the nerves and relieves pain and tension.



6- Alleviating anger, irritability, headaches, and high blood pressure


Helping with peaceful and restful sleep.

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