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The effect of mood on the skin - Care Beauty

The effect of mood on the skin


There is an equation that  every  woman does  not  seem to  know well: (Happiness and a  moderate  mood  give a  clear and  healthy complexion,  while  depression and a  bad  mood  give a sick,  bad complexion). Therefore, the  skin is  considered a  mirror on which the  mood is reflected. Even if a  woman hides her  feelings from others and  keeps them to herself, her  mood will  remain The turbidity is  visible on her  entire face. The  reason for  this is  that a  bad  mood  leads to the secretion of the hormone cortisol,  which is  called the  stress hormone,  which can  affect the  entire  body of a  woman, for example: cortisol makes a  woman’s hair  thin and  easy to break. Cortisol  increases the  desire to  eat sugary foods. Cortisol makes a  woman’s  body  more amenable to storing. Excess  fat. Cortisol  causes acne. Cortisol stimulates  fat cells  in the  skin to secrete  excessive  fat and  these  fats  mix with  dead  skin cells and with bacteria,  which leads to  the appearance of  pimples and acne. Cortisol inhibits the  production of collagen  necessary to  build  healthy and  healthy  skin. We  mentioned do  you still  feel nervous, madam? Although we  know that  it is  easier  said than done,  but  we will insist  that you make happiness  one of the  most  important priorities of your  daily life. Find  everything that makes you happy. Happy and  helps you to  relax to  maintain your  health and beauty.