Natural Botox is a miracle in removing wrinkles


The  skin  begins to sag with age and wrinkles and  fine  lines  appear on it, and  it may  begin to  appear  slightly  in the twenties,  but it  appears  more  clearly  in the thirties, as its  appearance  is a sign of  aging in  women and men as well, and  we have  brought you this  powerful recipe that  eliminates on wrinkles.

Ingredients: one egg white +  a little ghassoul + a spoon of glycerin + a spoon of honey

Method of preparation: Mix egg whites with Ghassoul, glycerin and honey, then use the  mixture  on the  skin of the face. Leave it  until it dries completely, then rinse it with lukewarm water. In the case of oily  skin,  avoid  using glycerin, repeat the recipe for  3 days  and you will see the  difference  that will  appear to you. 

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