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September 16, 2023 admin

What is Make-up Base and what does it do?

Make-up base , which is among the most important products in make-up applications , plays a role in increasing the permanence of make-up. Make-up base, which adds a professional touch to make-up applications and prepares the skin for make-up, is divided into different types.

Make-up bases, used for purposes such as moisturizing, mattifying and skin tone equalization, help skin products spread easily on the skin. If you want to discover the best type of makeup base that gives a smooth appearance to the skin, you should know all the details about the makeup base.

So, what is make-up base, what is make-up base used for, how is make-up base used ? In this article, ” What does makeup base mean ?” and “ When to use makeup primer?” You can find answers to questions such as


What is Makeup Base?


Make-up base, also known as primer, acts as a kind of primer to prepare the skin for make-up. The makeup base you apply after cleansing and moisturizing your skin allows skin makeup products to spread more easily onto the skin. Transparent makeup does not usually create any extra color on the skin.

However, some colored makeup products with different formulas give the skin a light color, while some shimmering makeup products give the skin a sparkling appearance.

Products that contribute to a more vibrant state of make-up also help to increase the permanence of make-up. In addition to make-up base,


What is the use of make-up base?


The make-up base, which is easily dispersed on the skin, helps you make a difference with your make-up by giving your skin a smooth appearance. The prominent features of make-up bases are as follows:




Make-up base helps close the pores on the skin and creates a smooth appearance on the skin. By choosing some types of pore-concealing make-up, you can reduce the appearance of pores on your skin and ensure that your make-up looks flawless.Make-up base helps make-up stay intact on the skin for long hours.

Make-up base, which prevents oily areas of the skin from shining, is among the ideal products for oily skin.

Thanks to the make-up base, the skin becomes more vibrant and healthy.Some types of make-up; It allows makeup products such as foundation, eye shadow and concealer to adhere better to the skin.


What are some types of make-up?


Makeup bases vary according to different skin needs. In addition to the make-up base applied to the face, there are also some make-up options applied to the eyes, eyelashes and lips.

Some types of makeup are as follows:




Mattifying make-up base: A favorite of those with oily skin, mattifying make-up base helps increase the permanence of the foundation on the skin. Acting as an ideal barrier between skin and make-up, the product reduces shine on the skin and makes pores appear smaller. Products produced for oily skin can also be purchased as water-based makeup base .

Moisturizing make-up base: Some types of moisturizing make-up, which are preferred by people with dry skin, may contain ingredients such as antioxidants and hyaluronic acid.

Thanks to these make-up bases that care for the skin, the skin becomes more vibrant and moisturized.

Luminous make-up base: Make-up bases that contain illuminating and shimmering ingredients are ideal for dull and pale skin. The sparkles in the makeup base contribute to the skin looking brighter and brighter.


Color equalizing make-up base: Color equalizing make-up bases used to balance skin tone provide a more vibrant and healthy skin appearance.

While blue-toned makeup primers support pale and yellow skin, green-based primers eliminate unwanted appearances such as redness.

Wrinkle-filling make-up base: Wrinkle-filling make-up bases are suitable for mature skin. These products act to soften the skin and help reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines on the face.

Eye primer : Eye primer applied to the eyelids increases the permanence of eye shadow and eyeliner. Headlights that flow easily on the eyelids due to moisture and external factors cause an undesirable appearance.

You can ensure that your eye shadow stays put on your eyes by using eye primer.

Eye primer types that regulate the color of the eyelid and make it smooth, prepare an ideal basis for eye make-up.Mascara base:

Some types of mascara, which shape the eyelashes and allow them to stay curled for a long time, also make the mascara look better. You can apply products that add extra volume and length to your eyelashes before applying mascara.

Lip primer : Lip primer types that equalize the color tone on the lips before lipstick and make the lips smooth, also help increase the permanence of the lipstick color.

You can make your lip makeup look better by applying a lip primer under your lipstick, especially on days when you use dark matte lipstick.


How to Use Makeup Base?


You can follow these steps to apply primer, which prevents makeup from spoiling and gives the skin a smooth appearance:




Your skin must be clean before using make-up base. You can choose Dove Beauty Cream Bar Micellar soap for skin cleansing .

Dove soap cleans the skin deeply and removes dirt, thanks to the gentle cleansers and moisturizers it contains. The product with hypoallergenic formula is suitable for sensitive skin. Dove soap can be used for hand and body care as well as face care.

Immediately after cleansing the skin, you should moisturize your skin with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. If you are using a moisturizing primer, then you can skip the moisturizing step. If you use sunscreen regularly, you can apply it at this stage.


You should pour the makeup base onto your fingertips and apply it evenly to your skin. It is possible to distribute the primer evenly on your skin with the help of a makeup sponge or your fingers.You can apply the makeup base first to your cheeks and cheekbones, then to your chin and forehead area, and at the last stage, you can apply it to your nose.When applying the makeup base to your skin, be careful to apply it in a thin layer. Otherwise, the base may cause a bad appearance on your skin.Be careful to apply the product to the skin with circular movements to ensure that the makeup base is quickly absorbed by the skin.After you spread the makeup base completely onto your skin, you can wait for your skin to absorb the base for a few minutes. When the base is completely absorbed, you can start skin make-up.You can use an eye shadow brush, sponge and your fingers to apply the eye base to the eyelids. For the mascara base, you can start applying it after curling your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. You can easily apply lip bases on your lips with your fingers.


For flawless make-up applications, you can get a smooth skin texture by applying a make-up base suitable for your skin before make-up


June 7, 2023 admin

For a successful foundation

Madam, here are some tips and experiences that must be matched when buying foundation cream. Follow the details with us and share your opinion …


1. Try the foundation on under the cheekbone to match the color before you buy it.




2. Choose a foundation that completely melts into the skin without weighing it down.




3. Choose a color that is very close to your skin color, and do not try to whiten or darken your skin color with foundation cream, because its mission is to cover imperfections and not change the skin color.







4. If you have pale white skin, choose a pink foundation. And if you have dull skin, choose apricot colors. But if you are a dark brunette, choose orange colors.




5. To hide wrinkles, avoid foundation in dark colors that accentuate broad lines.




6. To cover dark spots, use a corrective cream before foundation.




7. If you suffer from red spots, use a green corrector that neutralizes the red color.




8. There is no need to set the foundation cream with a little powder, because the faded formulas are designed in a way that does not need powder.




9. Finally, try on the appropriate color and leave it on your skin for a few minutes. Do not try it on your hand, but rather on your jaw. Do not rely on store lighting, as you can go out into the natural light near the window to check the color before buying it, as this helps very much.

December 17, 2021 admin

That’s why you have to remove makeup before going to bed!

It is a golden rule that is repeated and repeated by all professionals. Sleeping without removing makeup is very bad for the skin, we know that! But why exactly?
The surest way to age well? Good genes and… good makeup removal. It would be THE youthful gesture that beats all the others. What if we really tie in with each other?
Here are some excuses that we hear too often: “What’s the point, I don’t wear makeup!” “; “In the evening, I’m so tired that I fall asleep on my sofa, so the make-up removal…”
A gloomy inventory because many women do not know how to remove makeup. There are those who do not do it well or do not do it at the right time (in the evening, imperatively), those who do not use the right products, those who have forgotten how to do it…. In short, before spending the equivalent of a Louis Vuitton bag on anti-aging potions, it’s time to review your classics.


Because it is less prone to micro-inflammations, a phenomenon today pointed out by scientists as the main cause of aging. Fats and pollutants generate oxidation and inflammation. In addition, they alter the barrier function of the skin, which becomes dehydrated, becomes sensitized and becomes even more vulnerable to attackers. A real vicious circle. If we forget to remove make-up once, it’s not a disaster, but if we systematically go to bed with congested skin, the complexion becomes dull and the face is marked faster.
The other advantage of makeup removal is the massage that accompanies it. It improves microcirculation, therefore cell nutrition and oxygenation. Just like a healthy and balanced diet, make-up removal is part of the daily reflexes that promote the youthfulness of the skin.

Why is it so important to remove makeup every night?
In reality, we should talk about makeup removal-cleansing, because even if we do not wear makeup (we see some coming!), Clearing the skin at night is essential. It is at night that the skin works on its repair, its regeneration and, for this, it must not be distracted by a layer of aggressors: the SPF of sun creams or very irritating day creams if they are not removed. ; ultra-polluting volatile metal particles that stick to the skin; the powders and pigments of make-up which hinder breathing … Hygiene is the basis of good health, it is through it that many problems are solved, and the skin is no exception to this rule.
Thoroughly cleaning your face of superficial impurities is therefore the number 1 gesture to avoid cellular dysfunctions. Like, for example, increased sensitivity; a feeling of drier skin than it naturally is; enlarged pores while the skin is not oily in nature. Make-up removal should be approached as a gesture of real and deep care.


Because the texture of milk is the best for emulsifying eyeshadows and / or impurities, without being abrasive or destabilizing the skin’s balance. The reason: the milk comes as close as possible to the film on the surface of the skin, made up of sebum and sweat. The ideal milk must also respect the pH of the weakly acidic skin, possess emollient, moisturizing and soothing active ingredients. In short, to have a formulation at the top level. According to the pros, you should invest as much money in a makeup remover as in an anti-aging cream. The lotion is used to remove fatty residues that persist on the skin after rinsing with water. To be perfectly effective, it must be chosen from the same line as milk, the two products having been designed to complement each other. No skin, even oily, escapes this regime:the milk detaches the scales, brings emollience, respects the hydrolipidic film, properties which also claim the skins with seborrheic tendency.


With your fingertips, gently massage your makeup remover onto well-dried skin (avoiding the eyes), for at least one minute. You must always go from the neck to the top of the face and from the nose to the ears so as not to traumatize the tissues. To be followed by a first rinsing with water. Then we start again with the milk. The first step serves to remove surface impurities, makeup; the second to dissolve deeper toxins. This is why the massage must be supported (which does not mean brutal). Re-rinse with water with hands or cotton.
Sponges and washcloths are usually too harsh and, if not washed every day, become breeding grounds for bacteria. The final step: the application of the cotton lotion; The large cottons indicated for the buttocks of babies are the softest on the market. How to know if the skin is clear: the last cotton used must be immaculate.


From the first week, the skin regains radiance, the complexion is clearer and fresher. And this without changing anything in his skincare routine. Tempting, right? Another advantage, by removing make-up properly, which means by respecting the skin ecosystem and not by stripping the skin, we gain in comfort and we are less constrained to overfeed our skin with thick layers of cream or to invest in it. money in overpriced serums. It also makes cosmetics applied afterwards more effective. Clearly, investing in a good make-up removal also leads to savings on your skincare products.


They are not at all suitable for the skin hydrolipidic film. The only exception: in summer, they are formidable for removing sunscreen that clings to the skin. But we always follow with milk and lotion, a three-step ritual, so Japanese.


They are only justified in case of super thick make-up, like studio make-up. In this case, the oil is used before the milk-lotion duo, but never alone. Formulas with vegetable oils are preferred rather than mineral (look for “paraffinum liquidum” on the labels), which risk clogging the pores.


We love them, because they are super practical, but we will have to ease off and use them only occasionally. Too watery, too far from the quality of the skin, too detergent, micellar water does not fulfill the ideal functions of make-up remover. To reserve for the evenings of great laziness.


Using a salicylic or glycolic acid tonic at the end of makeup removal is very popular in the United States. With us, it is considered too aggressive. Unless you have a prescription for your skin tone, you avoid it on a daily basis and only use it as a “radiance”

Two natural makeup removal recipes
December 11, 2021 admin

Two natural makeup removal recipes

Many women consider the task of removing make-up difficult, in addition to the fact that chemical removers can sometimes damage the skin, so resorting to natural solutions may be easier and free from damage.

Two natural makeup removal recipes

The following are two natural mixtures to remove makeup from the skin without any harm, according to what was reported in the newspaper “Times of India”, according to the site “care beauty”.

Water Cleansing Gel Rose water with aloe vera and coconut oil removes make-up and dirt and moisturizes the skin.

1 cup rose water.
Half a cup of aloe vera gel.
A tablespoon of glycerin, and a tablespoon of coconut oil.

How to use:
Mix the ingredients together well, then start massaging it on your face in a circular motion, then rinse your face with water and leave it to dry.

Castor and Olive Oil Makeup Remover Castor oil is
low on comedogenic (which means it’s less likely to clog pores). This is especially useful for those with acne-prone or oily skin, as castor oil will not clog the pores of the skin. The oil not only removes makeup by breaking down and decomposing it, but it also nourishes and treats the skin.

Mix castor oil with olive oil and mix well, then clean the face with it directly.


Make up remover
November 27, 2021 admin

Oatmeal and coconut makeup remover

Make-up remover is one of the essential things for any woman, so we offer you a way to make a make-up remover at home from natural materials.

Make up remover


Natural makeup remover
– Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of ground oats. Mix well and then put the mixture in a dry, airtight jar.
-If you want to use, dip sterile cotton in the mixture and gently wipe your eyes until all traces of make-up are gone, then rinse the face with warm and cold water and then apply the moisturizing cream to the area around the eyes.


November 26, 2021 admin

Autumn makeup highlights the eyes

German cosmetic artist Boris Entrop revealed that make-up in the fall-winter of 2021-2022 highlights the eyes while continuing to wear the muzzle due to the continuing Corona pandemic.


Entrop explained that decorating the eyes this season by applying a thick layer of eyeliner in an attractive color, such as brilliant green, to give a charming touch to the eyes, according to “24”.
He added that it is also possible to catch the eye with what is known as the “eyeliner wing” by increasing the length of the line of the eyeliner outward to look like a wing.
The German cosmetic artist pointed to the focus on the eyebrows as well as a frame for the eyes, explaining that this season it looks thick and wide to look natural and be in the spotlight.

November 23, 2021 admin

Butter for dry skin

Biologic cream is a remedy that is available in the tech-house for most women who are considering it. It serves as a basis for make-up, improves facial skin, hides small blemishes, and also protects against unwanted things.

Butter for skin
When branding the right foundation, you need to focus on the skin type, because the amounts required for different skin are different from each other. Consider foundation to choose for dry, sensitive skin.

Characteristics of dry skin

The special feature of dry skin is that the formation of sebum is not necessary. As a result, this type of skin has the following characteristics:

  • easy, easy;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • the presence of small pores;
  • color color;
  • matte shade;

By coming to this, the basic requirements for the applied remedy for dry skin can be prepared. So, that tool, first, must:

  • easy to spread on the skin;
  • protecting the skin from moisture loss;
  • contaminate the skin;
  • protects environmental issues.

The formation of a moisturizing environment for dry skin

The moisturizing cream for dry skin and oily skin should be made on the oily component and incorporate not only cleansers, water retention, and protection of the components, but also chemicals that nourish the skin. The types of tonnnika foods for dry skin type are:

  • vitamins A and E;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vegetable oils (jojoba, chai, almond, coconut, etc.);
  • aloe vera extract;
  • mineral water;
  • chemical properties (magnesium, lead, silicon, etc.);
  • extracts of medicinal herbs (yarrow, chamomile, etc.).

Negative factors that should not be part of a quality product:

  • mineral oil;
  • lanolin;
  • isopropyl isostearate;
  • butyl stearate;
  • decyl oleate;
  • octyl palmitate.

Foundation layers for dry skin

The combination of foundation creams indicated “for dry eye skin” is too large, so the selection process can be a difficult task. So that you are not led by trial and error, we have compiled several well-known tools.Hangai Supermoisture CliniqueThis foundation, which brightens the skin, is one of the best ways for dry skin type. It contains oil and nutrients, oils, minerals, hot water, and special complex particles, so the skin gets a smooth smooth tone. The cream absorbs quickly and gently covers the skin, allowing it to look and feel better throughout the day.Clarins True Comfort Foundation SPF15This tool is ideal for use in the sun because it protects the action of ultraviolet. The sand has a very thick texture, but it is very evenly distributed on the skin with a thin surface, without creating a smooth film. It’s a nice touch foundation for dry skin

 skin rejuvenation is not detected, while it is not visible, new skin appears, the appearance and appearance of healing.Vichy Aerateint PureThis base provides long-lasting control and long-lasting benefit. Immediately after application, the skin will appear natural skin, thicker and firmer. In addition to the plant, it contains moisturizing properties and hot water, so sand is important to protect the beauty and health of the skin.Lierac Skin CareAt the base of this brand is hyaluronic acid, which is needed by dry skin, suffering from thirst. After application, the skin is well under light and clear. This product is also a caring and protective agent because it can be replaced by sunscreen.

November 19, 2021 admin

How do you protect your skin from toxic substances in make-up cosmetics?

Avoiding Harmful Chemicals In Personal Care Products

Applying makeup daily puts the skin in front of different challenges.
Especially since the composition of dense cosmetics must contain substances harmful to the skin,
No matter how careful the care of these fixtures is by those in charge of them. But with some care
The right steps can help your skin protect it from these harmful substances.
And it’s simpler than you expect!

Never ignore the issue of preparing the skin for makeup, as it is strictly forbidden for you to apply makeup

directly on your skin, but this matter must be preceded by several steps, most notably applying a cream
Moisturizing works to renew the elasticity of the skin, restores its vitality and prevents make-up materials from
The appearance of cracks or in the form of layers, from moisturizing cream to sun protection,
Which she should put on the skin, summer, and winter, whether you are out of the house or not.
The primary foundation is of paramount importance at this stage. The primer is the cream that completes the preparation of the skin for makeup.
It forms a layer between it and the makeup products that will follow, and at the same time plays a fixing role.
Primer is one of the most important products that protect the skin from any toxic substance that it will be exposed to.
It is not only about preparing the skin for makeup, the most important steps are to protect it from these toxins,
It is to remove it later accurately and correctly, and to ensure that there is no trace of makeup on the skin,
And be very careful not to sleep with makeup on, because this step is the most dangerous for you.

November 18, 2021 admin

A korean way to get rid of wrinkles..!!

How to prevent wrinkles Korean?

Korean invention that has now proven to be a game-changer in beauty

South Korean researchers presented their recent studies, which relate to the effects of strawberry and pomegranate fruits in getting rid of skin wrinkles, and the results were as follows:
• Strawberries and pomegranates contain an acid called Ellagic acid, which prevents damage to the collagen secreted by the skin, and thus this acid reduces the incidence of facial wrinkles resulting from exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun.
. • The results also indicated that Ellagic acid inactivates compounds that contain oxygen free radicals, which are the main cause of skin wrinkles.
• As for the ways of using pomegranate and strawberry fruits to get rid of wrinkles, they were limited to external masks, which are periodically applied to the skin, but this does not prevent the effects of these fruits if they are eaten, but external use is the most effective.
• Take full advantage of the pomegranate by grinding it in the electric mixer, and you can use the pomegranate as a simple task, and you can use it as a compound mask by adding a spoonful of olive oil, and another of rose water until you have a soft mixture.
• As for strawberries, you only need to rub the strawberry directly on your face with light pressure until the skin absorbs it well. Keep rubbing the strawberry on your face with circular movements similar to a massage until it disappears completely…

November 17, 2021 admin


Anti Aging Face Masks You Must Try At Home

All of us are obsessed with anti-aging products. Once we hit our late 20s, we get paranoid and try whatever hits the market. Doing that is mindless. Instead, you can try making these amazingly effective face masks at home. Yes, you can fight skin aging with kitchen ingredients that make your skin look younger. Anti-aging treatments made at home are generally safe and full of nutrients. They add a glow to your face and improve the skin texture. Time to try the following DIY homemade anti-aging face masks that are sure to make your skin better and younger.

There are many causes of forehead wrinkles, as the occipital muscles are responsible for those horizontal wrinkles that appear on the forehead. The treatment of forehead wrinkles can be resorted to through a group of natural methods that lead to good results, but after a period of use:
Egg whites and aloe vera to treat forehead wrinkles: An effective mask can be obtained to get rid of forehead wrinkles by mixing a little aloe vera gel with the whites of one egg, then applying the mixture on the face and leaving it for a quarter of an hour and then rinsing the face with water, and this mask derives its effectiveness from Vitamin E found in egg whites, which is needed to moisturize and purify the skin.