How do you protect your skin from toxic substances in make-up cosmetics?

Avoiding Harmful Chemicals In Personal Care Products

Applying makeup daily puts the skin in front of different challenges.
Especially since the composition of dense cosmetics must contain substances harmful to the skin,
No matter how careful the care of these fixtures is by those in charge of them. But with some care
The right steps can help your skin protect it from these harmful substances.
And it’s simpler than you expect!

Never ignore the issue of preparing the skin for makeup, as it is strictly forbidden for you to apply makeup

directly on your skin, but this matter must be preceded by several steps, most notably applying a cream
Moisturizing works to renew the elasticity of the skin, restores its vitality and prevents make-up materials from
The appearance of cracks or in the form of layers, from moisturizing cream to sun protection,
Which she should put on the skin, summer, and winter, whether you are out of the house or not.
The primary foundation is of paramount importance at this stage. The primer is the cream that completes the preparation of the skin for makeup.
It forms a layer between it and the makeup products that will follow, and at the same time plays a fixing role.
Primer is one of the most important products that protect the skin from any toxic substance that it will be exposed to.
It is not only about preparing the skin for makeup, the most important steps are to protect it from these toxins,
It is to remove it later accurately and correctly, and to ensure that there is no trace of makeup on the skin,
And be very careful not to sleep with makeup on, because this step is the most dangerous for you.

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