That’s why you have to remove makeup before going to bed!

It is a golden rule that is repeated and repeated by all professionals. Sleeping without removing makeup is very bad for the skin, we know that! But why exactly?
The surest way to age well? Good genes and… good makeup removal. It would be THE youthful gesture that beats all the others. What if we really tie in with each other?
Here are some excuses that we hear too often: “What’s the point, I don’t wear makeup!” “; “In the evening, I’m so tired that I fall asleep on my sofa, so the make-up removal…”
A gloomy inventory because many women do not know how to remove makeup. There are those who do not do it well or do not do it at the right time (in the evening, imperatively), those who do not use the right products, those who have forgotten how to do it…. In short, before spending the equivalent of a Louis Vuitton bag on anti-aging potions, it’s time to review your classics.


Because it is less prone to micro-inflammations, a phenomenon today pointed out by scientists as the main cause of aging. Fats and pollutants generate oxidation and inflammation. In addition, they alter the barrier function of the skin, which becomes dehydrated, becomes sensitized and becomes even more vulnerable to attackers. A real vicious circle. If we forget to remove make-up once, it’s not a disaster, but if we systematically go to bed with congested skin, the complexion becomes dull and the face is marked faster.
The other advantage of makeup removal is the massage that accompanies it. It improves microcirculation, therefore cell nutrition and oxygenation. Just like a healthy and balanced diet, make-up removal is part of the daily reflexes that promote the youthfulness of the skin.

Why is it so important to remove makeup every night?
In reality, we should talk about makeup removal-cleansing, because even if we do not wear makeup (we see some coming!), Clearing the skin at night is essential. It is at night that the skin works on its repair, its regeneration and, for this, it must not be distracted by a layer of aggressors: the SPF of sun creams or very irritating day creams if they are not removed. ; ultra-polluting volatile metal particles that stick to the skin; the powders and pigments of make-up which hinder breathing … Hygiene is the basis of good health, it is through it that many problems are solved, and the skin is no exception to this rule.
Thoroughly cleaning your face of superficial impurities is therefore the number 1 gesture to avoid cellular dysfunctions. Like, for example, increased sensitivity; a feeling of drier skin than it naturally is; enlarged pores while the skin is not oily in nature. Make-up removal should be approached as a gesture of real and deep care.


Because the texture of milk is the best for emulsifying eyeshadows and / or impurities, without being abrasive or destabilizing the skin’s balance. The reason: the milk comes as close as possible to the film on the surface of the skin, made up of sebum and sweat. The ideal milk must also respect the pH of the weakly acidic skin, possess emollient, moisturizing and soothing active ingredients. In short, to have a formulation at the top level. According to the pros, you should invest as much money in a makeup remover as in an anti-aging cream. The lotion is used to remove fatty residues that persist on the skin after rinsing with water. To be perfectly effective, it must be chosen from the same line as milk, the two products having been designed to complement each other. No skin, even oily, escapes this regime:the milk detaches the scales, brings emollience, respects the hydrolipidic film, properties which also claim the skins with seborrheic tendency.


With your fingertips, gently massage your makeup remover onto well-dried skin (avoiding the eyes), for at least one minute. You must always go from the neck to the top of the face and from the nose to the ears so as not to traumatize the tissues. To be followed by a first rinsing with water. Then we start again with the milk. The first step serves to remove surface impurities, makeup; the second to dissolve deeper toxins. This is why the massage must be supported (which does not mean brutal). Re-rinse with water with hands or cotton.
Sponges and washcloths are usually too harsh and, if not washed every day, become breeding grounds for bacteria. The final step: the application of the cotton lotion; The large cottons indicated for the buttocks of babies are the softest on the market. How to know if the skin is clear: the last cotton used must be immaculate.


From the first week, the skin regains radiance, the complexion is clearer and fresher. And this without changing anything in his skincare routine. Tempting, right? Another advantage, by removing make-up properly, which means by respecting the skin ecosystem and not by stripping the skin, we gain in comfort and we are less constrained to overfeed our skin with thick layers of cream or to invest in it. money in overpriced serums. It also makes cosmetics applied afterwards more effective. Clearly, investing in a good make-up removal also leads to savings on your skincare products.


They are not at all suitable for the skin hydrolipidic film. The only exception: in summer, they are formidable for removing sunscreen that clings to the skin. But we always follow with milk and lotion, a three-step ritual, so Japanese.


They are only justified in case of super thick make-up, like studio make-up. In this case, the oil is used before the milk-lotion duo, but never alone. Formulas with vegetable oils are preferred rather than mineral (look for “paraffinum liquidum” on the labels), which risk clogging the pores.


We love them, because they are super practical, but we will have to ease off and use them only occasionally. Too watery, too far from the quality of the skin, too detergent, micellar water does not fulfill the ideal functions of make-up remover. To reserve for the evenings of great laziness.


Using a salicylic or glycolic acid tonic at the end of makeup removal is very popular in the United States. With us, it is considered too aggressive. Unless you have a prescription for your skin tone, you avoid it on a daily basis and only use it as a “radiance”