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Butter for dry skin

Biologic cream is a remedy that is available in the tech-house for most women who are considering it. It serves as a basis for make-up, improves facial skin, hides small blemishes, and also protects against unwanted things.

Butter for skin
When branding the right foundation, you need to focus on the skin type, because the amounts required for different skin are different from each other. Consider foundation to choose for dry, sensitive skin.

Characteristics of dry skin

The special feature of dry skin is that the formation of sebum is not necessary. As a result, this type of skin has the following characteristics:

  • easy, easy;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • the presence of small pores;
  • color color;
  • matte shade;

By coming to this, the basic requirements for the applied remedy for dry skin can be prepared. So, that tool, first, must:

  • easy to spread on the skin;
  • protecting the skin from moisture loss;
  • contaminate the skin;
  • protects environmental issues.

The formation of a moisturizing environment for dry skin

The moisturizing cream for dry skin and oily skin should be made on the oily component and incorporate not only cleansers, water retention, and protection of the components, but also chemicals that nourish the skin. The types of tonnnika foods for dry skin type are:

  • vitamins A and E;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • vegetable oils (jojoba, chai, almond, coconut, etc.);
  • aloe vera extract;
  • mineral water;
  • chemical properties (magnesium, lead, silicon, etc.);
  • extracts of medicinal herbs (yarrow, chamomile, etc.).

Negative factors that should not be part of a quality product:

  • mineral oil;
  • lanolin;
  • isopropyl isostearate;
  • butyl stearate;
  • decyl oleate;
  • octyl palmitate.

Foundation layers for dry skin

The combination of foundation creams indicated “for dry eye skin” is too large, so the selection process can be a difficult task. So that you are not led by trial and error, we have compiled several well-known tools.Hangai Supermoisture CliniqueThis foundation, which brightens the skin, is one of the best ways for dry skin type. It contains oil and nutrients, oils, minerals, hot water, and special complex particles, so the skin gets a smooth smooth tone. The cream absorbs quickly and gently covers the skin, allowing it to look and feel better throughout the day.Clarins True Comfort Foundation SPF15This tool is ideal for use in the sun because it protects the action of ultraviolet. The sand has a very thick texture, but it is very evenly distributed on the skin with a thin surface, without creating a smooth film. It’s a nice touch foundation for dry skin

 skin rejuvenation is not detected, while it is not visible, new skin appears, the appearance and appearance of healing.Vichy Aerateint PureThis base provides long-lasting control and long-lasting benefit. Immediately after application, the skin will appear natural skin, thicker and firmer. In addition to the plant, it contains moisturizing properties and hot water, so sand is important to protect the beauty and health of the skin.Lierac Skin CareAt the base of this brand is hyaluronic acid, which is needed by dry skin, suffering from thirst. After application, the skin is well under light and clear. This product is also a caring and protective agent because it can be replaced by sunscreen.

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