Bodyflex for the face

Bodyflex for the face

The author of the sculpting technique, Greer Childress, who continued to develop with a body for the face (he called this “face flex”), represents women in their 60s who look better than 35, so what he does every day. Instead, it’s nice to have a good look at her and the healthy lifestyle she leads – after all, the body thinks it’s good to eat. In addition, America continues to engage in gender-based and collaborative activities. However, the muscles of the face – a real chance to look good and cut in half.

Bodyflex: works for the face

Consider one of the basic exercises for the eye, to better understand the nature of the technology, and how it can be trained in that position. It’s called a “bad mattress”.

Stand up straight, from this position bend your knees, lower the hips to the side of the floor and hug them with your hands. In this position, practice the standard of physical psychology. Apply neck to neck, mouth, lips, and strong cheeks. Place your tongue and feel that the challenge to the neck is stronger. Hold in position for 8-10 minutes. Repeat the steps 5 times.

Finally, get up and stretch your arms. Be careful to roll your shoulders and keep your hands straight. In this position, imagine a puzzle of your muscle. The neck is now stretched at an angle of 45 degrees to the rope. Stretch the muscles, push the nose, and pull the cheeks. With training, you will learn to do all of these things in one project: straightening the arms, straightening the legs, stretching the neck, and stretching.

This is a sucking exercise for the face and neck, and you should be aware of the risk that comes from slipping between the word-bends, rather than a towel, covering your neck. If you don’t know, it’s best to take your shoulders off and come back with the shoulder straps closed. Another problem is that the neck is too large – don’t forget the angle of 45 degrees! It’s all work. It can be done in conjunction with other physical activities.

Don’t assume that those who have been helped by the mental body are 25 years old in their 60s. The system can stabilize muscles, make the face faster, cut the double tissue, and oval face. But you can’t speed up the wheels and things like that – for this, and still need more equipment, let alone sports activities for the physical body.

How to do physical meditation?

To understand the benefits of physical fitness, it is important to do the right thing at all times:

  • it is best to exercise the body in the morning, on an empty stomach. However, the time will be perfect, 3-4 hours after lunch;
  • The body’s immune system needs to be regulated daily: every day, it stays in the system for 15-20 minutes. Don’t want to  in pursuing the results to work one hour a day – it will not help you to accelerate the production of the product, but will cause you confusion or fall into weakness;
  • if you miss a few small points, all the action starts from the beginning, so that it is effective it is important to achieve the drama every day;
  • because the speed of the surface is faster, the taste, flour and fat, will be a good food service;
  • Before doing the exercise, learn the five breaths of the body. If you don’t learn to squat properly, there’s no big deal.

Quick and pleasant episodes will be effective. Don’t be sad with your beauty for fifteen minutes a day!

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