Reasons that lead to depression, so beware of them

Many of us sometimes suffer from depression. We always do not know the reason behind this feeling, and we are confused by it. Therefore, you must realize that there are some reasons that you do without knowing that automatically lead you to states of depression. Therefore, we must avoid them or stay away from them as much as possible so that depression does not affect us.



1- Food: Of course, food does not lead to depression, but there are some foods that actually lead to and increase feelings of depression, as eating excessive fats leads to feelings of depression, especially fast food fats such as half-fried foods and other frozen foods that we buy and are accustomed to for their ease. Preparing it. This was confirmed by a study conducted at the University of Spain that most people who eat fat in fast food quickly become depressed, and that those who use olive oil in their food overcome feelings of depression and loneliness and enjoy good health and a better mood.

2- Lighting: The lighting that surrounds you has a big factor in your feeling of depression. If you use a quiet light in your room and your workplace, know that you will soon feel depressed, lonely, and bored as well. This is confirmed by a new study by scientists at Ohio County University, which states that exposure to dim lights at night, such as television lights, may lead to changes in the brain that lead to psychological problems such as depression. This is why it is recommended not to use low lighting and use medium lights.



3- Sleep: Sleeping on it is an essential factor in a person’s feeling of depression. If you do not maintain a regular number of hours of sleep, which is 7 to 8 hours a day at night, this will lead you to depression. This sleep must also be early in order to protect yourself from depression and loneliness, and this is confirmed by a new study by Columbia University scientists, that sleeping early protects them from depression and suicidal thoughts.



4- Excessive use of the Internet: Excessive use of the Internet leads a person to feel depressed and lonely, and sometimes leads to suicidal tendencies. You should avoid using the computer and the Internet for long hours. Learn to control your time in front of the Internet and do not let it take away your time. This is confirmed by a new study by Leeds University scientists, that excessive use of the Internet is linked to an increased risk of depression. The results showed that about 1.2% of Internet participants suffer from Internet addiction and that excessive use of the Internet is linked to depression, especially among middle-aged individuals.

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