These standards make the diet healthy

These standards make the diet healthy, so that you can be completely sure that the diet you are following is a healthy diet that will not harm your muscle mass or your nerves, and will not cause you to lack the vitamins and minerals that you really need. We list for you the basic standards that will help you reassure yourself and continue with your diet. This is amazing. (Stay away from these worst types of diets) – It does not limit any food group: One of the most important criteria for a healthy diet is that it includes diversity and is rich in all food groups, even those that increase weight, so they should be carefully considered. If you think that: For example, you do not need fats in your diet, this is true, but only saturated fats, as you most need healthy fats found, for example, in almonds and avocados. Do not delete any type of food without medical advice. – It does not prevent you from eating full meals: Every diet that replaces full dishes and meals with liquids and juices and refrains from cooked and prepared meals in favor of meals prepared from one type is most likely not the most appropriate option for you because you will not be able to continue on it, and the result on your health will be completely unsatisfactory. The ideal then is to prepare the dishes you prefer, but with the least amount of oil possible, and in thoughtful and balanced quantities that favor proteins and vegetables over carbohydrates without omitting the latter. (What are the carbohydrates allowed during the diet?) – Its result is not quick: You may be surprised at this point. How can a diet not be healthy when its effectiveness is quick? Our answer is yes because the maximum natural and healthy result is when you lose from 2 to 4 kilograms per week as a maximum and not The opposite, because fat needs time to dissolve, and if you get tremendous results quickly, the first affected person will be your muscle mass, and the tragic result will be diseases, fatigue, and a very slow movement in burning fat. – Contains a maximum of 3 meals: Although the ideal diet contains 5 meals, 3 of which are basic and the other two are secondary and are often fruit-based, a diet that does not include at least breakfast, lunch and dinner is of course unhealthy.

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