Foods that are effective in burning calories

Foods that are effective in burning calories






Many scientific researches have found that there are foods that require more calories to be digested than they contain, which has been called “Anti-Calorie Food,” making these foods one of the most important elements of nutritional programs to obtain a slim figure without feeling hungry.

The most important of these foods are:

1- Carrots contain fibers and compounds that make the digestive system more difficult to digest than carrots contain calories. Therefore, eating carrots reduces weight, while juicing them increases weight.

2- Celery and cabbage have low calories compared to the calories spent on absorbing their nutritional components.

3- An ice cream ball. The body needs to expend calories in order for its temperature to reach 37 degrees, more than it has calories, provided that the amount of the ball is not exceeded.

4- Green apples contain pectin, which cleanses the colon, which increases peristaltic movement of the intestines, which in turn requires a lot of energy from the digestive system, more than apples have calories.

5- In addition to that, lemon, pineapple and grapefruit

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