Do you use Sticks to clean earwax

How is earwax formed?


The outer ear secretes, through special glands, a type of fatty substance, oil, and waxy material. The function of this wax in the ear is to maintain the cleanliness of the ear canal and the eardrum, and it is what protects it from germs. It is a mechanical barrier that does not allow microbes or any foreign bodies to penetrate the auditory area, and when these are mixed Combined with dirt and other foreign materials, the mass of wax increases, and it begins to collect in the ear slowly and continuously. However, the ear – through hundreds of fine hairs – cleans itself of excess wax, unless the person ages or the speed of wax secretion increases, the process of elimination begins. It causes it to accumulate. If these materials are soft, they can exit the ear canal easily on their own, but if their consistency reaches a critical level, they dry out and become harder, which may block the ear canal.


– Symptoms of earwax accumulation.


If the auditory canal is blocked with wax, this is a warning of the imminence of many problems. The affected person will notice that:


1- He usually suffers from hearing loss.


2- He may sometimes complain of ringing in the ears.


3- He also suffers from imbalance.


4- He suffers from severe pain in his ears.


– Preventing earwax accumulation


There is no doubt that prevention is more effective than cure in many cases, and this is also the case with regard to earwax. If we know that God has made it easy for the ear to clean itself and remove the excess earwax towards the external opening of the auditory canal, we know that daily cleaning using cotton buds or any tool Another pushes the wax into the inner part of the auditory canal, which leads to the closure or puncture of the eardrum and may harm the hearing process. Frequent cleaning also prompts the glands responsible for secreting the waxy substance to secrete larger quantities, so drying the ears with the end of a towel after showering should be sufficient.


We also emphasize that continuous cleaning of the ear using cotton swabs not only pushes the wax into the ear, but also removes the protective wax layer and destroys the surface layer of the canal, making it vulnerable to germs and infections.



– Cotton swabs  Stick ear cleaning in the ear canal can cause the following:


1- Wounds or scratches in the outer ear tissue.


2- Bacterial, fungal, or other infections.


3- Swelling and blockage of the duct, and feeling of severe pain.


4- Weakness in the sense of hearing.


– Treating excess earwax


In general, the wax should be left to come out of the ear naturally. As for the semi-hard wax, it can be softened and dried by placing a few drops of olive oil inside the ear opening. After five to ten minutes, the head is tilted to the other side until the liquid comes out of the ear. Then the ear is gently cleaned. Using a cotton cloth, and it is not permissible to put any drops in the ear if the person feels pain or dizziness.


Also, do not repeat this process more than twice. If the wax does not come out, you must consult a doctor. If there is a collection of waxy material and pathological symptoms occur, you must see a doctor in the following cases for diagnosis:


1. If hearing does not return to its normal state after washing the ear.


2. If any other secretions other than wax come out of the ear canal.


3. If the canal becomes clogged with wax even after stopping using eartips.


With regard to children, attention must be paid to whether or not there is a foreign body in the auditory canal. The foreign body must first be removed under general anesthesia, and then the doctor will treat the condition according to the injury.

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