Bad habits that you practice on a daily basis, but they destroy your skin

The freshness and beauty of the skin indicates good health for the body, because the skin is like a human mirror The skin is free of problems and defects, which causes its owner psychological comfort, self-satisfaction, and lack of embarrassment

Unlike tired skin, which makes its owner look older than her age and exposes her to boredom.

Many women follow many bad habits on a daily basis, which destroy their skin

Therefore, we present to you, my dear, these habits to avoid to ensure that you have fresh skin free of pimples and dark spots.

*Do not remove makeup and sleep with it on

Going to sleep without removing makeup is usually very dangerous, as it stresses the skin

It causes allergies, and gives the person an appearance older than his real age over time.

*Sleeping less than 5 hours

You need to sleep at least 7 hours a day; Sleeping for fewer hours causes dark circles to appear under your eyes

It also causes your lack of concentration and inability to complete work quickly, and it also causes weight gain.

*Excessive washing of the face

Washing the face several times a day is one of the habits that many of us practice without realizing that these bad habits cause damage to the skin

My dear, you should wash your face only twice a day, the first time in the morning, and the second time at night.

* Spend long hours a day sitting

Sitting for long hours, whether at work or at home, affects your health, including obesity, cardiovascular disease, and may cause cancer

This is why we advise mothers who spend long hours at home to exercise, even if only in a simple way.

*Press pimples

Many women do this bad habit thinking that it will remove acne from the skin

But putting pressure on them and putting your hand on them a lot causes the pimples to spread, and the best thing to treat them is to leave them without touching them frequently.

*Wearing large amounts of makeup

Wearing large amounts of liquid makeup that contains oils on a daily basis stresses your skin

Therefore, make sure to wear small amounts of makeup and be sure to remove the makeup as soon as you return home.

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