Mysterious Skin Stains Unseen to the Naked Eye of the Human Body

The human body is a very complex and mysterious structure. So much so that there are even some lines in the human body that are invisible to the naked eye and only become visible as a result of certain diseases! The lines are called Blaschko lines, as they were described by German dermatologist Alfred Blaschko in 1901. However, exactly why the Blaschko lines formed is a controversial issue even today. However, the reason for the accepted formation of these mysterious lines is quite interesting. Many scientists believe that Blaschko lines skin cells he thinks it is a sign that reflects the path of development and migration. Here is the mysterious structure in the human body, what you need to know about Blaschko lines…


Blaschko systematically combined his studies on 140 patients with similar lines. He took out “harita of these mysterious lines in the bodies of patients.” Then he began to work on finding the source of the lines. But the lines were not due to any previously defined reason. Among the reasons for the appearance of lines were no nervous, muscular or epidermal disorders. However, in systematic studies of Alfred Blaschko’s lines, it was found that lines were seen in almost all patients in similar ways…


These lines are more prominent in the body part. It also appears as U on the upper chest and upper arm parts, S on the abdomen and V on the back area

The lines of Blaschko were first described by German dermatologist Alfred Blaschko


Alfred noticed that the lines on the bodies of different patients appeared to be almost the same. Seeing the lines in the same ways would be a very important detail in defining why these mysterious lines appeared in the following years.


Based on the work of Alfred Blaschko, the scientists managed to create a more comprehensive map of the Blaschko lines in the following years

For example, the first studies of Blaschko did not include detailed studies of lines in the head, face and neck region. However, especially with the dermatology studies after 1945, the whole journey of the lines in the human body was revealed in detail.


According to scientists, these lines may be a sign of skin cells developing


That is, the lines are a trace that appears at the end of the processes of development of skin cells in the human body from the period of the fetus. For this reason, Blaschko lines are also called as migration routes of skin cells.


Blaschko lines cannot be seen under normal conditions


These lines, which reflect the migration route of cells, are only becoming visible due to different skin diseases. Genetics, or certain skin diseases that occur later, make Blaschko lines visible. Due to these diseases, Blaschko lines can be permanent in the body or disappear later.


Blaschko lines usually do not cause any serious health problems


In such cases, it is possible to eliminate the lines with simple drug treatments. However, in some cases, lines can cause skin rash, itching, etc.

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