Health benefits of artichoke!

Did you know that artichokes have many benefits that benefit your health? Learn about it in the following lines:



– Rich in antioxidants: A recent American study conducted by the US Department of Agriculture revealed that artichokes contain a wide range of antioxidants, ranking seventh out of a thousand types of vegetables.


Treats and protects against cancer: Substances found in artichoke leaves contribute to stimulating the death of some cancer cells and limiting the growth of others


Such as intestinal and stomach cancer.


A friend of the liver: it protects the latter from infections and contributes to the regeneration of its tissues and cells.


– Promotes the digestive process: Artichoke helps the digestive system function properly, produces urine naturally, treats indigestion, and improves gallbladder function.


Rich in fiber: A large artichoke contains a quarter of the daily recommended amount of fiber, and a medium-sized artichoke contains more fiber than a cup of prunes.


We advise you not to miss the opportunity to eat artichokes, after the information we have provided you about this valuable type of vegetable !



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