Obtaining Bitcoin .. You may be wondering how to get the electronic currency “Bitcoin”, as it has already captured the minds of investors and topped the headlines of various economic electronic newspapers and its popularity is always increasing around the world, which allowed the spread of its applications on the Internet, so everyone wanted to acquire it, as it has a great price Also, due to the expectations of many analysts that Bitcoin will increase in price further in the coming years, Bitcoin has become a rare currency and a good investment.
Today we will explain to you how to buy bitcoin, with the necessary details that you need to complete this process successfully, and we will also explain how you can exchange what you got from electronic currencies.
There are several steps that must be taken before buying bitcoin, the first of which is that you intend to buy, and what comes after that will be very easy. Just follow the steps in order, to get a successful process, so you, dear reader, should follow the next steps.

Step One: Find a Bitcoin Wallet

bitcoin wallet

Dear reader, you can choose between e-wallet , desktop wallet, phone wallet, paper wallet, or even cold wallet.
There are many electronic wallets that you can get and it is available for you to choose the one that suits you, and the Bitcoin wallet is a wallet that is used to store what you own of electronic currencies so that you can control and spend them however you want, or even exchange them for other currencies, and to find out the best wallets that you want to use in different cases, we advise you to visit bitcoin wallet  lesson .
We advise you, dear reader, to start with a wallet that is easy and simple to deal with, so that you can adapt to it, and you will find it easily on the Internet, which is downloaded for free and your money is saved for free as well. and theft.

Step Two: Choose Your Bitcoin Trader Carefully

get bitcoin
get bitcoin

It is one of the ways to get bitcoin , you should know that there are many merchants that you can trust to buy bitcoin , but there are also some scammers. Without an intermediary, you must bear in mind the fees that are set to purchase that currency, and the payment methods available.

Localbitcoins is the main site where these transactions are arranged and rates are negotiated. The site offers a warranty service as a kind of additional protection for both parties.

Ways to get bitcoin

get bitcoin
get bitcoin
  • Buying bitcoin from one of the companies where it is available. When you buy your first bitcoin, “ Coinbase ” is the most obvious suggestion to you. It is a simple and easy to use site in case you are not sure from one merchant to another, it does not have to pay exorbitant fees, and it appears high quality when it comes to It’s customer oriented, has a great interface, and is available on desktop and mobile devices.
  • If you want a simpler and easier site , CEX is the best option for you if you want to buy bitcoin, as it provides instant exchange rates, and basic buying and selling options, but its drawback is that its payment options are somewhat limited.
  • In the case of an immediate purchase of Bitcoin, we advise you to choose between two sites such as Bitcoin or BitQuick; Because they provide a wide range of payment options, and enable you to buy directly from a seller without an intermediary, and in all cases, you must be sure of their safety.
  • Buying bitcoins directly from someone who is offering them for sale.
  • Get bitcoins by donation or support.
  • Get bitcoins in the form of real coins by ordering it from TITANBTC  , and sending it home.
  • Get Bitcoin as a Bitcoin gift card.
  • Get bitcoin by mining
  • Find a merchant who wants to sell it, and you contact him and transfer the money to him after agreeing on the price for this transaction, then the merchant sends the bitcoin to you and then deposits it in your wallet, and then you can invest in it or use it in various purchases.
  • Dear reader, before you send one of your currency to your wallet to make sure the data is correct and then send the rest, take all the security precautions to strengthen yourself from theft or various frauds, and you must be 100% confident in the person who will Buy bitcoins from him so you won’t regret it afterwards.
  • Localbitcoins  the main site where these transactions are arranged and rates are negotiated; Where the site offers a warranty service as a kind of additional protection for both parties.

Third Step: Choose the appropriate payment method

get bitcoin
get bitcoin

Exchanges offer a wide variety of payment options, you can pay by bank transfers and credit cards, but there are some methods that are not available in the payment process, including PayPal transfers, as well as wire transfers, which are not available.
Bitcoin ATMs allow you to exchange currencies in compatible wallets for cash, but they are located in select places, and although they are not available worldwide, they provide an alternative to withdrawing money, you enter your cash into the machine, and you scan the QR code of your wallet using your smartphone , or you receive a paper receipt with the necessary code to load Bitcoin into your wallet, and you should know, dear reader, that the exchange rate ranges between 3% to 8% in excess of the original exchange rate

Step 4: Buy Bitcoin and store it in your wallet

get bitcoin
get bitcoin

With the bitcoin reaching a level above $ 8000, then you will be able to buy a part of it, for example, if you want to buy bitcoin at $ 500, you can buy 0.0534 bitcoin, and this value varies with the price of bitcoin at the time you want to buy it, but do not allow that to worry you As long as you pay close attention to the numbers you are going to pay and what you are going to get, as well as the price of bitcoin at the time you are going to buy.
We advise you, dear reader, to start buying a small amount at first, then pay a little more until you get a bigger profit, so do not risk a large amount at the beginning of the purchase.
After you purchase bitcoin , this money will move to your electronic wallet that you created previously, and then you can deal with your electronic currency however you want.
Don’t be afraid of how long the deal will take; or the absence of bitcoin in your account immediately after payment; It takes a long time in case of busy trading hours, unlike other currency trades which are done quickly, but take an hour or two to complete.

Step Five: Use Your Bitcoin

get bitcoin
get bitcoin

We advise you, dear reader, to take into account currency fluctuations if you are buying Bitcoin for the purpose of buying something, or if you intend to sell it with the aim of making a profit from it, always be prepared by creating a “seller now” account, or plan well before buying what you want.


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