9 smart ways to get free visitors from social media in 2022

Social media or social media is a treasure owned by everyone, and only a few of us are able to use it and benefit from it.

One statistic says that 92% of small business owners who use social media rely on it primarily for their sales.

There is no end to talk about the importance of social networking sites, and we at the winners have already covered it in many aspects, and we also discussed how to increase interaction on it and benefit from it.

But what if these sites are your free way to get free visitors on a daily basis, whether for your blog, your website, or even your online store?

Statistics also say that 31 percent of social media users visit websites, and this percentage is still rising! For that, we present this article to you.

In this article, we promise that you will find a set of powerful and effective strategies, which will cause a jump in the number of visitors coming from social networking sites to your site, blog or online store.

These methods have been tested by the best marketers around the world, which we are confident that you will find new solutions that you did not know before!

But before I start , let me tell you: to get visitors for free from social networking sites is not impossible to happen, but it needs some effort, focus, and study.

Here are 9 effective ways to get free visitors from social networking sites:

1. Good display methods

Talking about good content may be a repetition, but it is the basic rule on which the following tips are built. None of the following methods or tips will work without worthy content!

Content is the way you express yourself and present your site on social media. How do the audience see you? How does he receive information from you? Does your content drive engagement or not?

Here are some quick ideas to enrich your content through social media, and promote your site creatively:

A) Experts advise most people who link their pages on social media to add a link to their website in a clear place. For example, Bio on Instagram and About on Facebook.

b) Your content must solve a problem or answer a question. For example, “Are you confused about coordinating winter clothes? Here are the best inexpensive fashion trends for 2021, just visit our website by clicking on the following link.

In the previous descriptive text, you put the title of asking a question that might preoccupy some, while solving the problem of the high costs of winter clothes. I also added a Call to action clause to ensure interaction and attention grabber.

If the above example does not work, you can change your skin and find another way to promote this content. For example, “Leave us in the comments your favorite color in winter clothes, and search for it among the fashion trends for winter 2021 by clicking on the following link.”

Promoting the same link with more than one title is a very creative idea, as it leads you in the end to know the type of titles that attract your visitors and followers.

c) Another distinctive and creative idea about the content in which you display your website is to add memes and laughable posts related to your service.

Social media visitors of all kinds are attracted to posts that provoke laughter. This type of content creates familiarity between you and the target audience, and also encourages them to communicate and express their real opinions about the service or product offered. Which will be useful to you in the future.

But we warn against excessive use of this method so as not to give your new visitors and followers the impression that you are not serious about your business, and that visiting your site will not actually offer them anything new.

We just advise you to be moderate in submitting this type of posts.

d) Controversial posts will double the amount of interaction and therefore the volume of visits to your site! Asking questions won’t get you in trouble with adopting a particular point of view, but it will surely get a large number of interested people to express their opinions and refute the reasons for their opposition to the other party.

Link this type of post to your site link, and you’ll be surprised by the amount of traffic! For example, “Who is more responsible for the success of married life, men or women?” Example 2 “Which is better country life or city life?”. There are many other examples that fit your site regardless of its field or specialization.

If your site offers a service or product that finds success, even if it is small, you should show it to everyone. This encourages potential visitors to do business with you and visit your site in order to obtain the same service and experience this positive.

Put a pinned post on your page on all social media sites with positive people’s reviews of your work, with a link to your site, and you’ll be surprised at the amount of free traffic you’ll get.

2. Monitor competitors and analyze data

One of the things that helps you build a successful strategy to get free visitors to your site through social media, is to monitor the most famous and successful competitors on social networking sites in your field.

Get to know closely about the most important posts they provide, the views of these posts, their display times, how they deal with followers’ comments, and the posts that get the most attention among their followers.

All of the above puts you on the absolutely right path in order to get free visitors from social media sites. These competitors are the flag-bearers and initiatives in your business, they are the most successful and most attractive to followers, so they are the best to watch.

To implement the matter in a practical way, you should use the Hootsuite  tool, which helps you analyze your accounts on social media and find out which of the posts that bring more interaction, and therefore more visitors.

We recommend that you try this tool to see the performance of your social media accounts. What are the posts that enhance interaction and gain followers’ admiration? This is one of the important questions that this tool will help you answer.

Provides a tool Sprout Social also the same service in all social networking sites, it will not help you to study the performance of your accounts by, but they also will guide you to the best way to manage your accounts. Most data analytics tools give you one month’s free trial at no cost.


3. Publication rate and publication timing

This step is of great importance in doubling the volume of visitors to your site from social media.

Here are some tips to help you choose the appropriate publication dates, in which your target audience is active on social media:

a) Publication dates directly affect the likelihood of publications reaching the largest possible number of users.
For example, at the start of a long work week, who has the time to browse Facebook, or share a photo on Instagram? Everyone is busy preparing for work or study.

b) Winter has long nights, most users can’t stay up late, so your decision to share a post before dawn will not be entirely correct.

C) Analyzing the foregoing, you must take into account the appropriate timings for your country, avoid publishing during study times and at the beginning of the week, and on the contrary, you must pay attention to publishing on holidays and official and summer holidays.

D) We strongly advise you to publish on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in particular, in the time from 12 noon to 5 pm, as it is a suitable time for browsing social networking sites for most Arab visitors. During these times, the intensity of use increases.

As for the rate of publication, experts differ on this point, some prefer to publish intensively on a daily basis, some prefer to develop a weekly strategy, and others prefer a monthly strategy. Some also prefer to take into account the nature of the activity or service provided.

But in all cases, continuing to publish is your way to get a good number of visitors, but you have to be moderate.


4. Direct Message Marketing

Statistics say that 1 in 3 followers visit the rival website if their private messages are ignored. Imagine losing a third of your free visitors due to ignoring messages? So in contrast, paying attention to private messages can get you 30 percent of your visitors.

Here are a set of tips that will help you boost the number of visits to your site, through private messages on various social networking sites:

a) Private message or DM feature that you can use to address influencers or celebrities. If you have a good number of followers, you can offer to collaborate or share the Shout out feature to exchange followers.

If you do not have a good number of followers, we advise you to give free gifts to this influencer, whether this gift is the product you are selling or a marketing tip, this step causes double the volume of visits to your site. The reason is private messages!

b) Make sure that the messages are not automated, as we all have an infinite number of unread bot messages on all social media sites, what makes us decide to open a message? The primary reason is to be personally oriented.

c) To be away from automated responses, your message should be personal and friendly, offer some wisdom or a joke, and eventually lead to your site to learn more!

d) Let’s rearrange the steps from the beginning, first communicating well with comments and responding to them, then sending a personal message to the target and carefully selected audience, and prompting them to visit the site to learn more.

e) The private message gives the visitor a sense that you are interested in communicating the information and service to him, before he seeks to access it. Who does not prefer attention? Nobody.


5. Use groups to get visitors from social networking sites

Groups on social networking sites are an effective way to connect those interested in the same field to each other, and it is also a popular market from which you can attract a large number of visitors to your site.

Here are a set of important points regarding the use of social media groups to attract visitors to your site:

a) Link your activity and your brand to a group of its own, as it is a family haven for those interested in your activity. Through this group you will learn about their main interests, lead their discussions and listen to diverse viewpoints.

You will also get to know their real opinions on your product or service. Which helps you to know and avoid weaknesses and strengths and develop them, which quickly reflects on the increase in the number of followers and then visitors.

b) The group will help you increase the number of visitors by constantly adding new members. Group members can happily offer this service to the group they feel they belong to and in which they find an outlet to express themselves and what they want.

They can also provide this service if they are encouraged with symbolic gifts.

c) Sharing your site’s posts on groups owned by others also opens a wide door for you to double the number of visitors on the site.

These posts, if they take into account the quality and attractiveness of the content, cause great discussions and interaction, and this creates a state of curiosity when a large number of people visit your site.

Remember to read the terms of participation on these groups well before you post anything, it is preferable to contact the owner of the group and request it personally so that your post is not subject to deletion.

Be sure to choose groups that have good interaction and active members.. Groups with a large number of members will not help you much, but they have real problems with interaction.


6. Trending is a successful way to get free visitors from social media

The trend is the wide door to get free visitors and interaction on your website through social media. A trend in short is the event that has the greatest interaction among Internet users in a region of the world at any given time.

For example, the top ten Twitter trends per day in the Middle East are the most interactive and searched for by visitors to the region in this period.

Tips to exploit the trend in order to get visitors for free:

A) Direct your search energies permanently for the trend of your country or region to which your product or service is directed.
It is good to know the important trends around the world and link them to the content that you provide, but the trend that engages your target audience has the highest priority.

b) Use google trends  , a free tool provided by Google, that helps you identify the most prominent trends and the most searched keywords on the Internet, search for trends related to your niche, and try to provide content related to them.

This tool will help you always get to know the requirements and needs of your target audience.

C) We advise you to use the trend in a smart way that suits your site, it will not help to provide content without value only because it is linked to the trend. This method can distract visitors from your site, and always remember that content is key.


7. The importance of hashtags in getting free visitors from social networking sites

In the previous point, we talked about how to use trends to bring visitors to your site, so what about hashtags? The hashtag, in short, is the right hand of the trend. It is your window to the interests of the social media audience.

Hashtags are a feature created with the purpose of organizing the vast digital information found on social media sites. We all know that the world of social media contains a billion database, and it is not permissible for a user looking for a recipe to get search results related to programming, for example!

To find out the importance of hashtags, one statistic says that 72 percent of searches by hashtag, actually send owners to the pages they want.

For all of this, hashtags are designed.. and using them correctly makes it easier for social media users who are interested in your field to reach your site.

Therefore, we offer you a set of tips to help you take advantage of the hashtag feature perfectly:

A) The hashtag is the right hand of the trend, through a small search process, you can find out what is on the minds of the social media audience today in your field of specialization. Choose a hashtag carefully according to an extensive search process on all social media sites.

B) Astellaik on one effective Alhastajat and use it regularly would create you a fan base and enhance the chances of high visitors free of your site, because you used the most active and the most prolific of this Alhastej … For example , we are in the winners we use a lot # Altsoeq_alaketrona so because we talk a lot about e-marketing  in our articles.

c) Don’t give up on a hashtag just because you haven’t seen it work in a short time! Give your hashtag a chance to reach your target audience before you decide to look for another hashtag.

d) Stay away from using hashtags extensively in one publication, as they do not relax the eye and cover the content and purpose of the original publication.


8. The most engaging visuals

One of the statistics that highlights the importance of videos and images in social media posts according to the Adobe Index is that this type of post brings 650% more engagement than text posts!

This high percentage means that every time you just publish a text post without attaching an image, it may reduce the interaction on that post by more than 6 times!

We recommend using photos, posting videos and launching live broadcasts, these posts create huge interaction between you and your target audience which means more potential visits to your site.

We also recommend that these images be either your production and one of your artistic creations, or you attach their source with them so that your posts are not subject to deletion due to copyright.

The biggest evidence of the importance of visual publications is that Instagram, one of the largest and largest platforms for providing visual content in the world, brings daily a huge number of visitors to sites that succeed in managing their visual content on it.

Another statistic says that brands are experiencing the highest level of engagement on their pages with an increase of 4.21% on Instagram only compared to other social networks, even a strong competitor such as YouTube.

And in the winners, we presented a detailed article on how to increase interaction on Instagram, we invite you to read it.

9. Take care of neglected social media

When trying to get free visitors from social networking sites, everyone pays their full attention to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Although other neglected social media such as Pinterest, Tik Tok, Quora and Tumblr open new doors for its users, and help to gain another large segment of visitors.

In the following lines, we will take you on a journey to learn how to make the most of two of these neglected sites:

a) Pinterest

One of the most forgotten social networking sites, which helps to bring a large number of visitors to sites and blogs, especially for small business owners.

To prove this fact, social media expert and blogger Christian Coulson says that more than 61 percent of his blog’s visitors, come from Pinterest! 

Another statistic says that more than 42 percent of the app users have a high income and they are the rich! That is, most of its users are willing to purchase products and this is their main purpose of visiting the application.

How can Pinterest be used optimally to get visitors for free?

1. When entering the application, you can use the search box to search for the service or product of interest, you will be surprised that it is one of the most beautiful applications to help you search for what you need. And it gives you more of the suggestions you’re already looking for.

2. Discover Pinterest (explore) that allows you to identify the most important keywords for your blog or website, along with the most feasible ways to sell and interact with the audience.

3. After identifying the most prominent keywords on the application, try to mimic the addresses of your links copied from the site these keywords, so that you can attract attention quickly.


b) quora

Although this app is very useful for me personally (I actually got answers to questions that I couldn’t find elsewhere except for quora), it is completely ignored by most website owners as a way to attract free visitors.

The app attracts more than 300 million users per month, most of whom are adults and experienced people, who are ready to provide assistance to those who need it.

Another impressive statistic about this app; People earning $100,000 a year spend twice as much time on this app as on LinkedIn 

How can benefit from this site?

A) The answers you provide on Quora – unlike other popular applications – are long-term. That is, they are not deleted after a time or restrict their appearance, and they will bring visitors to your site constantly.

b) Don’t over-promote your site and add links so you won’t get banned thinking the app’s algorithms are just ads! You should focus on providing value and useful information to the people who ask their questions.

c) Leave an adequate but not complete answer in order to prompt the people who read it to learn more through the site. What you need to do is strike a balance between giving a useful answer and getting people interested in visiting your site.

d) If you decide to ask questions, always try to link them to your blog’s domain, or to the most successful link on your site. And do not add the link unless there is a need for it.

e) Reinforce your answer with pictures of the subject of the question, as they give a sense to the questioner that you really care about helping and answering in detail their questions.

In the end, we must be well aware that getting free visits is not impossible, especially in the presence of the world of social media. Which are free shops to display the product you are selling the way you want.

All you need is to master the methods of presentation and sale in order to be able to attract customers