Inflate lips with cinnamon Goodbye to Botox

Inflating the lips, enlarging the lips and getting full and luscious lips is an essential part of feminine beauty, which pushes many women to resort to lip Botox, but today, say goodbye to lip Botox through the use of cinnamon. It is a natural gift to get full lips without resorting to expensive cosmetic treatments. Home remedies are inexpensive and if you want to avoid the side effects of lip augmentation and the cost of treatment, you can rely on home remedies to get naturally plump lips.

Inflate lips

Of course, there are many natural alternatives available to get fuller lips and a larger size. Cinnamon is the best option you can rely on. Because cinnamon irritates the lips a little and this causes slight swelling and as a result the lips become fuller and larger. This is one of the side effects of home treatment. However, the effect of cinnamon treatment lasts for a few hours and with continued use, you can get lips like Angelina Jolie and not go to Botox, which makes you spend more money. More lip augmentation methods here

The benefit of cinnamon for the lips:

Cinnamon is found in many places around the world and is widely popular for its many uses. One of the medicinal advantages of cinnamon is the benefit of cinnamon for the lips, in addition to adding luster and aroma to the lips. Cinnamon exfoliates the lips and acts as a lip exfoliator that helps rejuvenate dead and chapped lips and acts as blood flow pumps. As soon as you notice, blood flows to the lips and they swell instantly, so cinnamon has an immediate effect on lip augmentation. But all you need when applying cinnamon on the lips is that the lips are wet until they are ready to use cinnamon.

Inflate lips

1. Mix Cinnamon Oil and Shea Butter:

Applying cinnamon oil directly on the lips is vital for the lips, but you may feel an unbearable burning sensation, so we advise you to mix cinnamon oil with shea butter, which moisturizes the lips and makes them shiny. This shine reduces irritation. Moreover, shea butter provides that the oil stays on the lips for a longer period. It also keeps the lips plump and bigger for a few hours. To make the lips bigger, take a ounce of shea butter and add 8-16 drops of cinnamon oil and mix the ingredients together. And if your lips are very sensitive, you can limit the use of cinnamon oil and with your fingertips, you can mix these ingredients on the lips.

2. Cinnamon and Vaseline powder:

Cinnamon is an inexpensive spice when used and enables you to get bigger lips naturally. Take a small amount of Vaseline, until the amount is enough to cover the lips with a little lip powder. Applying the mixture on the lips in case you do not get the desired result from it immediately, you can add more cinnamon powder to get the result in a few minutes.

3. Cinnamon and salt:

To get full lips faster, do a lip exfoliation with a mixture of cinnamon and salt. Add a tablespoon of Vaseline, half a teaspoon of salt, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon to make a suitable, smooth paste by mixing these ingredients. And rub the lips with a mixture of cinnamon and salt to help you in the appearance of full and soft lips.

4. Cinnamon and Sugar

You can moisturize and exfoliate the lips to get full lips by making a mixture of cinnamon and sugar together. To prepare this scrub, you will need to mix one tablespoon of sugar with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2-5 drops of cinnamon essential oil. Mix the ingredients together and rub the lips with this mixture for a few minutes.

5. Cinnamon stick:

Take a small stick of cinnamon and soak it in water for a few minutes and rub your lips with a wet cinnamon stick. You will notice an increase in the size of the lips in a short time.

Natural remedies for peeling lips:

Many women dream of getting fuller lips, but not every woman is fortunate enough in this matter. Try to make natural remedies that help in getting a bold look and luscious lips that enhance the beauty of your skin. Some women resort to collagen or Botox injections and laser treatment to get bigger lips. These methods promote the increase in the size of the lips naturally and the largest of these natural ingredients enhance the beauty of your lips.

1. Peppermint Oil:

You can simply mix peppermint oil with Vaseline to get a natural lip scrub to increase the size of the lips. It creates a great effect on the lips, making them appear fuller and larger. It is also a great cooling and soothing ingredient. You may feel the tingling for a short time but the tingling does not go away after a while.

2. Cinnamon essential oil:

Cinnamon essential oil is one of the main ingredients that increases the size of the lips, stimulates the capillaries and promotes good blood flow, and this makes the lips appear fuller. You can add a small drop of cinnamon oil to your lip balm or lip gloss and apply the mixture as often as needed to make the eyes look more attractive. You will feel a little tingling after applying it and leaving the perfume on the lips.

3. Ice cubes:

Ice is a highly effective and natural way to enlarge the lips. It removes the dead skin flakes on the lips. By massaging the lips with ice, the ice increases blood flow to the lips, so the lips appear red. Ice is a very effective natural means for dry skin because it relieves dry skin. It is recommended to massage the lips with ice for 2 minutes a day, you will feel that the lips have become larger and more full.

4. Massage:

Massage is one of the gentle methods for enlarging the size of the lips, even when massaging the body, which increases relaxation and relieves stress and fatigue. You can use essential oils to massage the lips. You can use your favorite oils such as olive oil, and rub slowly for 3-6 minutes. Then let your lips absorb the oil and wash the lips with warm water. It is preferable to do this once a day, with the passage of time you will get a wonderful end result.

5. Honey:

Honey is a good home remedy to make lips look larger and fuller naturally. Because honey is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other healthy nutrients. These elements are very wonderful for the skin. Honey also helps lighten the dark skin on the lips. . You can apply pure honey on the lips, start massaging it and leave it for 10 minutes, then wipe the lips with facial tissues and apply the natural lip ointment so that the lips shine with a natural gloss.

6. Peeling lips with a brush:

The brush makes you have bigger lips by cleaning the brush and gently rubbing the lips with the brush to get many benefits, including changing the shape of the lips intelligently. The brush exfoliates dead skin cells and makes the lips smoother. The lips activate the blood flow in the lips and promote better lip function. You can put a little Vaseline on the brush 30 minutes before using it, then rub the lips with the brush.

7. Lip Peeling Mixes:

Can you improve the blood circulation of the lips? Yes, you can do this with lip exfoliation mixtures, as they give bigger and better full lips. Learn more about how to naturally exfoliate your lips. . You can take a small amount of sugar with water and mix it well together to make a scrub and add a little honey to get a double effect.

8. Chili Oil:

You can get hot pepper oil from any store, it simply adds luster and hydration to the lips. You can choose your favorite lip balm or Vaseline and mix one or two drops of hot pepper oil. This mixture acts as a balm that works best for the lips. If you cannot find chili oil, you can use chili powder and mix it with plain water before application and leave it on the lips for 5 minutes.

9. Make-up Tricks:

Although it is a temporary method, it makes the lips appear larger and more plump. You will find many tips on the Internet to get fuller and bigger lips. They are useful ways that depend on using a transparent liner on the lips and then applying lip gloss to enhance the size of the lips, making them look full and larger.

One of the most appropriate ways to make the lips appear larger is by drawing a line on the outside of the lips on the outer edge, as it gives an indication that the lips are larger

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