DIY: Make your own laundry


Detergents and softeners contain a majority of polluting and allergenic components. You can buy eco-friendly products or make your own laundry!


  • Boil 3 liters of water, add 150 g of grated Marseille soap.
  • Mix to obtain a homogeneous gel.
  • Add a glass of soda crystals and a few drops of essential oils.
  • Let cool and transfer to a container.
  • Stir well before using and plan a mustard glass per machine.
  • Note that this detergent only effectively washes the fat and that it is essential to detach the laundry beforehand.


Avoid industrial stain removers! You can use natural products (organic stores) or rediscover grandmother’s recipes.

– Grease, grass, coffee: Rub stains with gall soap (beef bile) before washing. Perfect for dirty shirt collars.

– Metals: Pass the stains with Blanc de Meudon (white chalk, in the “plaster or coating” section of DIY stores).

– Ink: a mixture of milk and lemon is ideal for removing ink stains!

– Cambouis and butter: rub with a little washing-up liquid.

– Wax and sweat: marks disappear with a little vinegar!


– Rust stains: Lemon is the absolute anti-rust weapon! On the clothes, rub half a lemon on the stain, or have a few drops of lemon and a pinch of salt and leave to act before rinsing. On plastics (PVC chair for example), mix the juice of a lemon with a little salt and rub the stain.

– Burnt or scorched stains: They disappear in 15 minutes if you apply half an onion!

– Glue stains: To get them, simply soak the fabric in hot water, rub with hot vinegar and rinse.

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