Away from exercise easy steps will help you burn calories

For many of us, the issue of losing weight is a big challenge, especially for women who do not want to exercise, as diet alone is sometimes not enough to get rid of the extra kilos! So, apart from strenuous exercise, in this article we have collected for you some simple steps and things that you can do to burn nearly 100 calories in a few minutes. Come on, adopt these easy steps that do not require any effort from you and include them in your daily routine!

Easy ways to burn 100 calories

1- Organize your room every morning

It takes about 15 minutes to arrange a room, which is the time required to burn 100 calories! So, make sure to arrange your room daily to get rid of fat and extra weight.

2- Use the stairs instead of the elevator

Several steps you take in your diary if you give up on them will speed up your fat burning process! The most prominent of these is the use of the elevator. Every time you have the opportunity to use the stairs, try to take the stairs. Going up one step helps you lose 0.7 calories, meaning you have to go up 145 degrees to burn 100 calories.

3- Park your car a little farther away

Instead of looking for a nearby place every time to park your car, how about you try to park it a little farther and go for a walk? You will definitely notice the difference! When you walk for 20 minutes, your body burns between 100 and 200 calories.

4- Take a break while you work and take a walk

Instead of sitting for 7 to 8 hours at the office, take a 10 to 20 minute break, and walk around a bit. Try to walk briskly and move from one office to another. Walking and walking around for a period of 20 minutes, helps burn 100 calories.

5- Laugh from your heart!

Did you know that laughing for 1 hour and 18 minutes helps you burn 100 calories? So don’t let sadness and nervousness dominate your life, and laugh every time you get the chance!

6- Sing your favorite song daily

Even if you don’t have a very beautiful voice, you can sing your favorite songs daily for 40 minutes, you will burn 100 calories while enjoying a beautiful song

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