An apple a day is a necessity for those over fifty  

An apple a day is a necessity for those over fifty




A British study urged people over the age of fifty to eat one apple daily Researchers at Oxford University said that adhering to this could reduce deaths resulting from heart attacks and strokes by about 8,500 cases annually in Britain.


According to the study, published by the British Medical Journal, apples help improve cardiovascular health, and their effect is similar to some medications such as statins, although they do not cause side effects.


According to the BBC website, statistics indicate that three-quarters of adults do not eat fruits and vegetables five times a day, as doctors recommend.


Although nine out of ten people eat at least one serving of fruits and vegetables daily, Adam Briggs, a member of the British Heart Foundation, says that the benefit increases with more of these servings.


According to the study, if adults, of all age groups, were able to eat an additional serving of vegetables and fruits daily, the death rate resulting from vascular diseases could be reduced by 11,000 cases annually.


Doctors confirm that the old wisdom that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is very necessary for those over fifty who suffer from vascular diseases.

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