New phones and many damages

Despite the tremendous development in the smartphone industry, there are many health repercussions of using these phones.


Perhaps the most prominent of these is the pain that users feel in the joints of their hands and fingers, which is known as “Text Claw”.


That is, it makes the palms of our hands look like claws from excessive use of phones.

This condition is a pain that you feel in your wrist and hands after continuous use of your phone, that is, after you have spent


Several hours of sending text messages via WhatsApp, or even through your addiction to the game Candy Crush!

This pain resulting from continuous and prolonged use of your phone may lead to tendinitis, which in turn causes pain in your wrist.


Feeling numb in your hands, and not having the strength to complete a simple task like writing an email to your manager!


Sometimes, this may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome!

Tendinitis resulting from “text claw” is a breakdown of the soft tissue surrounding the muscles and bones.


As explained by the American College of Rheumatology, when you start feeling…


If you have pain in your wrists after you have spent a long time on your mobile device, you must do several things to alleviate this pain, including:

Take a break and put your phone away.

Apply ice to the painful area twice a day for 10-15 minutes.

Take anti-inflammatories.

Use a wrist brace.

Make sure that you use your index finger and not your thumb when using your smartphone.

Do stretching exercises for your wrist, such as:

Bring your palms together as if you are praying and hold them steady for several seconds.

Extend your hand and hold your fingers with your other hand facing outward, and pull inward, then vice versa, and do not forget your other hand.

but that is not all! There are a large number of users of mobile phones and other smart devices,


They feel pain in the neck, head, and shoulders, because our head is constantly bent forward slightly while we use these devices, which puts additional pressure on the spine!

There is no doubt that technological progress offers us many positives and makes many things easier for us in our work and daily life.


The watch announced by Apple, “iWatch,” provides its users with many special applications


Health and fitness to help him stay on the right health track. However, we cannot deny or neglect the negatives resulting from the improper use of these devices!

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