The benefits of hazelnuts and their nutritional advantages

Hazelnuts are considered a food rich in active ingredients, so it is necessary for them to be an essential part of our diets. Among the many benefits of hazelnuts are:


1- Hazelnuts are healthy for teeth and gums and regulate metabolism, and because they are very rich in vitamin E, they play an anti-oxidant role.

2- Hazelnuts are rich in fiber, so they dissolve easily in water and help reduce cholesterol in the blood.


3- Hazelnuts protect against heart problems, as they are rich in unsaturated (mono) fatty acids and magnesium.

4- Hazelnuts are rich in proteins, but they are incomplete proteins, so they must be eaten with other items rich in complementary proteins.

5- It is recommended in protein diets to lose weight.

6- Hazelnuts are rich in vitamins A and B and are prescribed for those suffering from diabetes, tuberculosis, epilepsy, and urinary tract infections.

7- Hazelnuts increase brain capabilities.

8- Boiling hazelnut flowers is used to treat sagging. 30 grams of the flowers are boiled in a liter of water.

9- Boiled hazelnut leaves, the best diuretic and blood purifier.

As for the harmful effects of hazelnuts:

1- Hazelnuts cause gas in the stomach.

2- It delays the digestion process and causes vomiting

Moderation is always the basis for eating any type of food, so enjoy the benefits of hazelnuts and protect your bodies.

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