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Diet with natural herbs

Diet with natural herbs



Herbal medicine experts say that there are many natural plants and herbs that help


Slimming and losing excess weight, and they offer several recipes that help get rid of excess weight:


Eating cucumbers between meals is one of the best ways to help fill the stomach and feel full


It is preferable to cut the cucumber into slices and eat those slices whenever a hungry person feels the desire to devour food.

Apple cider vinegar:

– Take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar with every balanced meal by mixing one or two teaspoons


In a cup of water, drink it during, after or before eating, as apple cider vinegar helps regulate digestion and dissolve fats.

Chamomile flowers:

– Drink a cup of boiled original chamomile flowers, unsweetened with sugar, on an empty stomach in the morning


Before eating lunch every day, for two months, it directly helps to lose excess weight.

Warm star anise:

– Warm star anise emulsion daily on an empty stomach and before lunch


The amount used should be one teaspoon per cup of water.

Collection of herbs:

– A natural recipe from a group of herbs that is synthesized from the emulsion of a teaspoon of fennel


The same amount of markush, as well as mint, on a liter of water and drink a cup daily in the evening for two months.

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