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Uses of cortisone

Uses of cortisone


Cortisone is very useful in:

1- Treating severe allergies

2- Treatment of acute chest crises

3- Arthritis and rheumatism

4- It helps in reducing the level of male hormones and thus helps in causing ovulation

5- A basic treatment used in organ transplantation because it reduces the body’s immunity to reject the transplanted organ



Fake uses of cortisone


Some people who suffer from thinness resort to using cortisone because it causes the body to retain fluids and salts, thus increasing body weight, but when you stop taking cortisone, the body loses these fluids and the body returns to thinness again after being exposed to serious health effects.


Side effects of cortisone medications:


Cortisone medications also have excellent therapeutic effects, but they have side effects that may sometimes be serious if the patient does not adhere to the instructions that must be followed. They most often appear when cortisone medications are used orally, by injection, or in high doses for a long period of time, because this leads to:

1- Disabling the paracrine gland from secreting natural cortisone, and it may take weeks or months for it to return to its normal function of secreting natural cortisone in the body.

2- High eye pressure

3- Cataract disease, which is a clouding of the lens

4- High blood sugar level

5- Rheumatism

6- Increased exposure to diseases due to a low level of immunity

7- Round face, and fat accumulates between the neck and shoulders (hunchback)

8- Increased thirst and urination

9- Muscle pain

10- Reserving sodium within the body:

Which leads to an increase in fluids, edema occurs, and blood pressure rises, increasing the burden on the heart.

11- Excretion of potassium in urine: which leads to heart failure, and may cause menstrual irregularity in women.

12- Reduced immunity, which leads to delayed wound healing

13- Bacterial, viral, fungal, and other bacteria. The patient becomes infected with another disease without realizing it because cortisone hides the symptoms of bacteria.

14- It leads to thinning of the skin and the appearance of blood capillaries.

15- It changes the bacterial environment on the surface of the skin, leading to the growth of harmful germs such as fungi.

16 Osteoporosis

17- Depression

18- Weight gain

19- In the case of breastfeeding, cortisone is secreted into the milk, resulting in delayed growth in children



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