Ways to get rid of sweaty hands

One of the annoying problems that many girls face is sweaty hands. Without warning, the hands begin to sweat and secrete a certain amount of sweat


Especially if you are stressed or facing any kind of stress, the causes of sweating are hormonal factors and changes, and they may be hereditary.


You can get rid of this problem, so learn with us about ways to get rid of sweaty hands.




Control your diet. Completely avoid foods and foods that cause sweating


Which are often rich in fats and spices, in addition to hot drinks, broccoli, onions, sugar and caffeine.


-Choose a moisturizing cream with a Vaseline-free formula


Also, do not choose it rich in natural oils such as almond oil. These substances may be beneficial for optimal hydration, but they increase the likelihood of excessive sweating.


-Use baby powder with a smooth formula on the skin, and apply it twice a day to reduce the possibility of sweating.


It is also useful to put this powder on soap whenever you want to wash your hands.


Soak your hands in cold tea for a quarter of an hour at least three times a week


You can also soak it in bicarbonate of soda and water twice daily.


Get vitamins rich in zinc and iron from the pharmacy, and take them after consulting your doctor.


Zinc and iron are two substances that contribute mainly to drying sweat in various areas of the body.


However, they must be taken by a doctor.


-Do not over-warm your hands, keep thick gloves away from them, and do not adorn yourself with heavy rings or bracelets.


-Do exercise and lose weight, because there is a clear relationship between excess weight.

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