The importance and benefits of clay mask for your skin

Cleansing the skin with a clay mask is one of the best ways to care for the skin, but are there specific steps that guarantee the best results when using it? certainly!

Try the following steps with us


Wash your face well before applying the clay mask. Because this helps remove a large amount of excess oil from the skin before using the mask, and it also helps the mask to penetrate deeply into the pores of the skin to clean it.

It is preferable to give the skin a steam bath for 5 or 10 minutes before applying the mask, in order to lighten the skin pores.

Dry your face with a clean, soft towel after the steam bath

Apply the clay mask suitable for your skin type on the face, starting from the chin, moving up to the cheeks and forehead. Apply a sufficient amount of mask to cover the face well, except for the eye area

Relax and leave the clay mask on your face according to the amount of time required to make the mask. Most types of masks last between a quarter of an hour and approximately half an hour.

Wash your face with warm water after the clay mask, then wipe the face with a soft towel in gentle circular motions

Wash your face with cold water to close the skin pores

Make sure to moisturize the skin after using the mask, using toner and a gentle moisturizer. It is recommended to use rose water as a natural toner to refresh the skin pores.

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