Vitamin C mixture to effectively lighten the body’s skin

Do you suffer from uneven skin tone? Do you suffer from skin darkening in some areas, such as the knees and elbows? Have you repeatedly tried to lighten your body skin to no avail? So, here are the best natural mixtures to lighten the body’s skin, which is the vitamin C mixture.


Try this wonderful effective mixture and don’t forget to share your experience with us throughout your life!

Vitamin C mixture to effectively lighten the body’s skin. Ingredients and amounts: Red Glysolid Cream bottle (125 milliliters)

A cup of lemon juice

A quarter cup of bitter almond oil

Two effervescent vitamin C tablets

How to prepare:

– Mix glysolid with bitter almond oil well.


– Dissolve vitamin tablets with lemon juice.


– Mix the juice with glysolid and oil well.


– Place the mixture in a clean container and close it, then shake the container well.


– Place the box in the refrigerator, and it is recommended to use it within one week only.

How to use: – Take a shower with hot water at night, then dry the body well.

Apply a generous amount of the mixture to the dark spots on the body that are intended to be lightened.


– In the morning, take a shower with hot water to clean off the remaining mixture, while scrubbing the dark areas of the body with a rough loofah. Then the skin is dried well and the dark areas are lubricated with a small amount of

Baby oil.


– Repeatedly use the Vitamin C mixture to whiten and soften the body daily

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