A detailed list of the most weight-gaining foods

Eating corn, pumpkin and potatoes can lead to weight gain, explained nutritionist Natalia Krasnova.


According to her, even in small quantities, these vegetables contain a lot of calories. Bananas, cherries, peaches and pineapples can also disrupt weight loss plans, adds the expert.


Weight is affected by the overall calorie surplus in the diet, but there are foods that contain more calories in small amounts. If you abuse them, you can gain weight quite quickly. You can even fill up on vegetables and fruits. Potatoes, corn, squash and peas should be eaten in moderation.


They can be replaced with broccoli, tomatoes and cucumbers.


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Bananas, cherries, peaches and pineapples raise blood sugar levels and cause a spike in insulin, which also disrupts weight loss plans because simple carbohydrates are transformed into fat cells, Krasnova said.


Earlier, nutritionist Veronika Gusakova said that the calorie content of Olivier salad can be reduced if you replace the sausage with boiled meat and pickles with fresh ones. The expert noted that it is better to use homemade mayonnaise instead of store-bought. Store-bought mayonnaise contains 67% fat and over 600 kcal per 100 grams.


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Previously, endocrinologist Natalia Tananakina said that the transition from diet foods to fried foods should be smooth. The specialist specified that a sudden change in diet can lead to undesirable consequences, including the development of diseases. Initially, it is better to avoid excessive fat consumption.



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