7 Ways to Quench Serotonin to Feel Happier and Defeat Depression

You can get support from the source to feel more joyful and stimulate your mood a little more.

Serotonin, a chemical messenger involved in the transmission of signals from one region to another in the brain, is cited by many scientists as the source of happiness. You can find ways to increase serotonin because of a depressed, tired, depressed mood in its deficiency.


1. Indulge yourself


When you don’t feel like doing anything or want to indulge yourself, you can get help from a piece of chocolate. Chocolate also boosts your mood by increasing serotonin levels.


2. Be more aware of

Take a deep breath. Meditating reduces anxiety, chronic pain, and high blood pressure. All these effects have a positive effect on serotonin production.


3. Move more



Experts say that exercising increases the chemicals that have an effect on mental health and affects us. There is serotonin among them.


4. Get in the sunlight


There is really a reason why sunny days have a positive impact on our mood. The researchers note that feel-good hormones are triggered by the action of the sun’s rays.


5. Remember omega 3’


Check out if your meals contain omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3’ has a relationship with serotonin and dopamine levels. Experts say there is a strong link between low omega-3 levels and depression. You can find these healthy fats in fish, walnuts and dairy products. If necessary fish oil you can take supplements in the form.


6. Eat more yogurt


Experts say that feeling happy doesn’t just have to start in the mind, and happiness is also associated with stomach and bowel movements. Digestive problems also have a direct effect on our mood. You can consume cheeses such as pickles, yogurt and parmesan to improve your gut health.


7. Cuddle

Experts say that feeling in love and being in love increases our serotonin levels. That’s why it makes you feel happy to kiss, cuddle, and spend time with people you love.

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