6 Practical Ways to Detox Easily During the Holidays

The detox, which makes us look so beautiful by making us feel great, not only makes our skin look healthier, but also helps us feel less bloated. But detoxing during holiday periods is almost impossible. With these 6 very practical substances, you can prepare your body for summer before the holidays, as well as detox during your holiday and return like a bomb from vacation.


1. Start your day with detox water


If you want to start the morning with a detox water that will refresh and revitalize you, this does not have to be the most classic lemon water. If you are bored of this, put lemon, orange and kiwi slices in a bottle of water the night before and drink when you wake up in the morning. This is a good tactic for both good heart health and beautiful skin.The warm water regulates our blood flow and protects our internal organs.


2. Brush your body


It is very important that your skin is bright and soft before going on vacation. Since using body brushes accelerates blood flow, it prepares your skin both before and after the holidays.


3. Give up sugar and go to cinnamon


Many of us consume too much sugar during the day, even just because of drinks. When you detox, you can use cinnamon to satisfy your need for sweets instead of sugar.


4. Drink a glass of purifying drink every day


One of the tricks to preparing an excellent detox drink is to prepare a drink like spinach, which you do not lack with green leafy vegetables and ginger. In this way, the fat burning in your body will accelerate.


5. Cut out some foods

These include mainly gluten, wheat and dairy products. Although it is very enjoyable to consume foods such as bread, pastries and pasta, they are not so good for our body. Therefore, it is useful to prefer a diet in which you will put the hearty salads instead. In this day, you will be able to feel more balanced v3 healthy both inside and outside.


6. Move every day


The most important part of your detox is exercise! Trying to move every day is important. Run or walk or jump. How you move is entirely up to you, but make sure you do at least one of them and sweat.

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