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Smoking and its negatives


Smoking is one of the biggest scourges that every society suffers from, and it is considered one of the main dangers that threaten human health, as the problem extends beyond the person who smokes to those around him who are non-smokers, which is known as passive smoking, as the smoke is transmitted to these people through the air, and many studies indicate that this The bad habit begins in adolescence and youth, and from this standpoint we must confront the phenomenon of smoking among young people as it is a danger that threatens their lives. Tobacco smoke contains about 500 compounds, the percentages of which vary according to its type, including tar and oxidized carbon. The active substance that tobacco contains is nicotine, which is a synthetic substance. A very toxic alkali that has a serious effect on the body and health.


It is important to realize that smoking is not only a habit, but smoking and tobacco use is an addiction. Nicotine found in cigarette tobacco is an addictive substance. Tobacco companies have deliberately hidden this fact for years. It has now become known that there are symptoms that result from sudden abstinence from nicotine for those who are accustomed to taking this substance for periods that may be short or long, and these symptoms are called symptoms of craving. These symptoms may appear in various forms, from a feeling of craving for a cigarette, changes in mood, feelings of anxiety, increased nervous tension, insomnia when sleeping, and an inability to concentrate with increased appetite.


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